Crystal Kunoichi Set

Crystal Kunoichi
Class Ninja
Themed on Crystal Cavern
Drops from Crystal Entity (Quartz Cutter)
Crystal Worm Mother (Crystalline Kunai)
Crystallised Cyclops, Crystallised Lizard, Crystallised Fish, Crystallised Scorpion, Crystallised Monstrosity (Luminous Armor)
Crystallised Boomer, Crystallised Crawler, Crystallised Shrieker, Crystallised Charger, Crystallised Watcher (Radiant Heart)
Crystallized Epic Quest Chest (Quartz Cutter / Crystalline Kunai / Luminous Armor /Radiant Heart)
Obtained from Mystery Ninja ST Crate
Mystery Boxes
Mystery ST Chest
2nd Piece Bonus +30 HP, +4 ATT, +5 VIT
3rd Piece Bonus +30 HP, +5 ATT, +5 VIT
4th Piece Bonus +120 HP, +6 ATT, +5 DEF, +10 VIT
Subtotal of Bonuses +180 HP, +15 ATT, +5 DEF, +20 VIT
Overall Stat Bonus +480 HP, +20 ATT, +5 DEF, +10 SPD, +25 VIT
Total Fame Bonus 20%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Patch X.32.5.1 (Jan 2020)

The Crystal Kunoichi Set is the 21st ST set to be released, alongside the Magmatic Mystic Set and Acidified Assassin Set. It is the second ST for the Ninja after the Raijin Disciple Set.

This set is purely offence-centric, giving +20 ATT, paired with the Quartz Cutter, it can deal massive damage to targets. Just like the Raijin Disciple Set, it has detrimental DEF bonus, however it is compensated by the extremely high +480 HP bonus and +10 SPD, allowing Ninja to take more hits and evade hits easier. The +25 VIT may be godsend if one does not have good pet, dealing with pet-stasis projectile or/and intentionally going petless.

In addition, the Crystalline Kunai provides a temporary ATT boost when activated, providing a massive total of 105 ATT if the effect is triggered.

Kunoichi are female ninjas, that were primarily employed to disguise themselves and provide espionage among enemies.

Interestingly, the set can been seen as a fusion of Raijin Disciple and Lost Golem Set because the high VIT and DPS it provides.