Cursed Amulet of Zombification

Cursed Amulet of Zombification

Cursed Amulet of Zombification: An amulet that provides small bonuses at the cost of raising your corpse as a zombie that will attack other players.

On Equip:
+1 Attack
+1 Defense
+1 Speed
+1 Dexterity
+1 Wisdom
+1 Vitality
+30 Maximum HP
+30 Maximum MP

Feed Power: 500

Drops From:
Troll Matriarch
Ghost Bride
Grave Caretaker
Ghost of Skuld

This equips to the ring slot. If you are wearing this item when you die, your character becomes an uncontrollable zombie. A screen will appear that tells you to accept your fate or watch other players kill the remnants of your former self, next to your grave. (Read Important Note, as this no longer happens due to abuse of killing afk or low level players.)


This item was introduced in October 2012 to combat the mass duplication of Amulets of Resurrection that began in summer that year, resulting in an influx of cheap amulets into the ingame economy. Many players who could now afford the once-expensive amulets essentially had characters that lived indefinitely.

As of build 4.0.0, Amulet of Resurrection’s name was changed to Cursed Amulet of Resurrection. It became soulbound and you could buy it in Nexus for 1,000 fame, but there was a 5-10% chance that it would not work and you would be “zombified” (killing your character). It was rumored everytime a player died with an ammy, the chance to be zombified grew by 0.01, and that after 10,000 ammy breaks there would be a 100% zombification chance.

As of build 4.3.0, The Cursed Amulet’s chance to help you cheat death was evidently
decreased, rough estimates suggest a resurrection chance of below 40%.

As of build 5.0.0, Cursed Amulets had a 100% zombification chance and dropped from the boss in the dungeon “Haunted Cemetery.”

Note: When your character turns into a zombie, it attacks other players. These zombies do only 55 damage (disregarding armor) at a low rate of fire, and have 2500 HP, which is relatively weak, but they can be a threat to weak/unmaxed players out there. Zombie priests can heal themselves and the zombies around them at a rate similar to Nut.

Another note: Since these exact same zombie enemies were used for the Zombie Horde event, their drop tables are also the same. If you want one of the Halloween reskins, Candy Corn or the Infected Skin, you can sacrifice yourself with a Cursed Amulet and kill your own zombie to try and get some.

Important Note
As of Release 27.7.6 It is not possible to obtain one and keep it, as immediantly after entering a portal or nexusing ANY Cursed Amulets of Zombification in one’s inventory will dissapear.