Daring Discoverer Samurai Set

Daring Discoverer Samurai
Set Generation
Class Samurai
Themed on Unknown
Drops From Cyclops God (Kiritsukeru)
Oasis Giant (Watarimono)
Phoenix Reborn (Reinforced Root Armor)
Deathmage (Traveler's Trinket)
Obtained Through Mystery Samurai ST Crate
Mystery Boxes
Mystery ST Chest
2nd Piece Bonus +40 MP, +4 DEF, +4 SPD
3rd Piece Bonus +50 MP, +4 DEF, +4 ATT
4th Piece Bonus +40 HP, +8 ATT, +8 DEF
Subtotal of Bonuses +40 HP, +90 MP, +12 ATT, +16 DEF, +4 SPD
Overall Stat Bonus +110 HP, +150 MP, +15 ATT, +36 DEF, +10 SPD
Final Stats at 8/8 830 HP, 402 MP, 90 ATT, 66 DEF, 65 SPD, 50 DEX, 60 VIT, 60 WIS
Total XP Bonus 22%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Patch X.33.1.0 (May 2020)

The Daring Discoverer Samurai Set is the 24th ST set to be released, alongside the Court Magician Sorcerer Set and Slurp Scion Wizard Set, first obtainable in the “A STory of War III” Campaign. It is the second ST set for the Samurai after the Akuma Slayer Set.

As of Exalt Version (May 2021), the set has undergone some changes to both its items and its stat bonuses. Prior to this release, the set’s bonuses were as follows:

  • 2nd Piece Bonus: +3 ATT, +3 DEF, +2 SPD
  • 3rd Piece Bonus: +50 MP, +3 DEF, +3 SPD
  • 4th Piece Bonus: +40 HP, +6 ATT, +5 DEF