Deadwater Docks (Original)

Last updated: Exalt Version (Mar 2021)
Deadwater Docks
Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5Difficulty: 5

The Deadwater Docks is a high-level dungeon that is a much more difficult version of the Pirate Cave.

This dungeon is a source for both Potions of Speed and Potions of Dexterity, and is also the main source of the Pirate King’s Cutlass and the Wavecrest Concertina, along with two pieces of the Pirate King Warrior ST Set.

The portal to the Deadwater Docks is a guaranteed drop from the Crystal Prisoner, which only spawns once per realm.

The Realm Eye says:
As Dreadstump became more interested with parties than piracy, Jon Bilgewater and his crew seized the opportunity to make a name for themselves.
For several years, Bilgewater’s buccaneers ran an efficient smuggling syndicate carrying prohibited goods between their grotto and the kingdom now known as the Shatters.
Though they were caught by authorities on many occasions, they always managed to weasel their way out of any serious consequences.


Deadwater Docks Key The Deadwater Docks Key is available in the Nexus for 100 Realm Gold.


See the Deadwater Docks Guide for a complete walk-through on the dungeon and all its enemies.



Upon entering Deadwater Docks, you will first be confronted with some destructible blocks. After destroying them, you will be able to enter into the main dungeon area. Similar to the original Pirate Cave, you will see platforms and water. You may walk on the platforms, but the dark blue areas are now “evil water”. If you stand in or move through evil water, you will take damage. This damage ignores your defense stat, just like lava damage.

The boss, Jon Bilgewater, does not reside here - you will need to find the portal to “Bilgewater’s Grotto”, where the boss awaits you. Navigate through the docks to find another walled called “The Heroic Observer“, which is a wall with very high HP and regenerates all missing HP every few seconds. You will need sufficient DPS to break the wall and enter into the room containing the portal.

One Treasure Room is guaranteed to be found in each instance of the dungeon. The Treasure Room will be a large, round room, consisting of one or more narrow, winding walkways with no hostile enemies. At the end of the path(s) will be a Deadwater Docks Chest. Moving close to the chest will remove some blocks and allow for a quick exit of the room. The chest has a chance to be “upgraded” up to two times, as seen by changing to silver or gold, which is associated with an increase in its loot drop rates.

Example Layout

Deadwater Docks Layout


Entrance Room Main Dungeon

Treasure Room The Heroic Observer

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Enemies and Environmental Hazards


Environmental Hazards

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Jon Bilgewater is located in a Bilgewater’s Grotto, a separate room of the dungeon whose portal is found in a treasure-filled room in the Docks, past the Heroic Observer.

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Treasure Room Boss

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Drops of Interest

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Daily Quests

The Deadwater Docks is part of the Mighty Quest pool from The Tinkerer and has four associated quests.

Name Description Items Needed Reward
The New King Defeat Jon Bilgewater in the Deadwater Docks. Mark of BilgewaterMark of BilgewaterMark of BilgewaterMark of Bilgewater Mighty Quest Chest
Epic Showdown Slay Jon Bilgewater, the Son of Arachna, and the Murderous Megamoth to be rewarded. Mark of BilgewaterMark of BilgewaterMark of the Son of ArachnaMark of the Son of Arachna
Mark of MegamothMark of Megamoth
Thar be Pirates! Avast! Clear out the pirate presence in the realm! Mark of BilgewaterMark of BilgewaterMark of Davy JonesMark of Davy Jones
Ocean Man With how vast the realm is, you’d think Oryx wouldn’t care for the high seas. Mark of ThessalMark of ThessalMark of Davy JonesMark of Bilgewater

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Tips and Strategies

Near the end of the dungeon, there is a wall that prevents everyone from proceeding to the rest of the dungeon until a DPS threshold is met, similar to the mechanic of cracking a crystal. Many times, some encouragement is needed after killing the crystal prisoner to ensure enough people enter the dungeon to crack this first wall.

Teleporting over the walls with a Trickster or Cloak of the Planewalker can lead to a very short dungeon.

Evil water tiles, similar to the lava tiles in the Abyss of Demons and the godlands, will cause periodic damage that ignores your defense stat. Running through evil water tiles will quickly diminish your health. Watch where you run, especially when going from room to room!

Each platform has one or two enemies that throw bottled evil water every 1-2 seconds. Target these enemies first to avoid large pools of evil water forming on the platforms.

Enemies will chase across platforms (rooms), so if you rush from one platform to another, you will drag them with you, creating a large mob. Any piercing weapon will help clear chasing enemies.

The entrance to the room containing the portal to Jon Bilgewater always faces south. The edge of the portal room is colored in a lighter orange tile, which can help you identify the location of the portal room.

When doing the dungeon as a group, players will typically find the Treasure Room first and call it in chat before finding and destroying the Heroic Observer to Bilgewater’s Grotto.

Be careful when teleporting to someone rushing if the rusher is not a rogue because they may be dragging a ton of enemies!

Be careful when doing the dungeon with a group as entering the boss room late can result in instant death or significant damage if the boss is in the area where players spawn.

Some players have attempted to use this dungeon to grief others by dragging a large group of enemies to the spawn room and calling the dungeon in a realm. Players entering will be instantly killed by the enemies. A few seconds of invincibility were added upon entering a dungeon, but this is apparently not guaranteed to always save your character if this happens, so it is important to be vigilant.

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This dungeon was added in Release 16.0.0 (Aug 2013) alongside The Crawling Depths and Woodland Labyrinth, comprising the first three “Epic Dungeons.”

Before Patch X.32.4.1 (Jan 2020), the sprite originally looked like this:
Deadwater Docks Sprite (old)

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For some reason, Evil Rainwater is found in the Treasure Room instead of Evil Water, even though they are aesthetically and functionally identical.

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