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Dr Terrible

Last updated: Exalt Version (June 2021)
Dr Terrible

Dr Terrible is the main boss of the Mad Lab.

The Realm Eye says:
Dr. Terrible surely hails from a realm far more advanced than ours, yet he seemed quite pleased with himself when he and his lab appeared one day.
The mad doctor is utterly fascinated by everything in this realm, enthralled by even the most basic alchemy despite his own witchcraft being leagues more advanced.
When Oryx approached him with an offer to help with his research in exchange for scientific services, he agreed without hesitation.



Base HP: 33,750 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 25
EXP: 6,000
Location: Mad Lab

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Paralyzed

Level 1 Quest
Counts toward Humanoid Kills
Counts toward God Kills

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Attack Phase:
“Try my latest concoction!”
“Have a deadly potion!”
“For Science!”
“My automatic turret will destroy you!”
“Side effects may include your death!”
“Don’t worry, your death will be documented closely.”
“If my calculations are correct, this will hurt you.”

Dr Terrible will wander around, occasionally throwing Green Potions, Turret Attacks, or both. They are all dangerous and deal high damage, especially the Green Potions, which can kill an unmaxed character with low defense instantly. There are four Red Gas Spawners (which are pretty lethal all the same) in the room that may also shoot waves of slow moving bullets during this phase. Each of these four Red Gas Spawners will not always fire. During this phase Dr. Terrible can be damaged.

Retreat Phase:
“Time to feed my pets!”
“You’ll make a nice snack for my creations.”
“Time to delegate your death to my minions.”

Dr Terrible will retreat to the bubble in the center of the room. While he is in the bubble he is invulnerable and he summons Escaped Experiments, Mini Bots, and Rampage Cyborgs from the cages on the east and west sides of the room. The Red Gas Spawners will turn off during this phase.

“Rage” Phase:
“At least my final creation is safe…”
“You must have eaten a apple today.”
“Great Scott! I must retreat!”
“This isn’t going to plan at all!”
“What a terrible situation.”
“You’ve beaten me back.”

When Dr Terrible gets low on health he will go into a rage phase. At this point, all the Red Gas Spawners will deactivate. Dr Terrible will begin throwing potions much faster, usually two at a time. This phase is basically just the attack phase without the Red Gas Spawners activated.



When vulnerable:
Green PotionGreen Potion
Turret AttackTurret Attack
When in bubble: (spawned by cages at edges of room)
Escaped ExperimentEscaped Experiment
Mini BotMini Bot
Rampage CyborgRampage Cyborg

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Tips and Strategies

When minions are spawned during the bubble phase, prioritise the confusing pink enemies. If they are still around when the pink gas generators come back on, one bad confuse can send you through the deadly gases or into a Green Potion as it explodes. This is instant death for most characters.

Because Dr Terrible does not have a direct attack, there is no worry of getting shotgunned, meaning it can be worthwhile to use the Staff of Extreme Prejudice or Demon Blade on him, provided you avoid the Green Potions and Turret Attacks.

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