Dwarf Miner

Last updated: Exalt Version (May 2021)
Dwarf Miner

The Dwarf Miner is an event entity that spawns once per realm. Upon activation by an approaching player, waves of Fungal Cavern foes will start emerging from the ground around his setpiece, signified by rocky eruptions from the places where they’ll spawn. After all enemies in a wave have been killed, the next wave will appear.

After four of enemies have been slain, the Crystal Worm Father emerges as the final boss. Upon its defeat, a guaranteed portal to the Fungal Cavern will open.

The Realm Eye says:
The entrance to the abandoned dwarven mines was blocked off by the dwarves when they retreated. At the time, the mushroom tribes were appeased once the miners left.
Once Steamhammer realized how much valuable equipment had been deserted, he insisted on tearing down the barrier and reclaiming their property.
This ill-advised decision was quickly noticed by the mushroom tribes. Determined to keep people away for good, they have poured into the realm to keep wanderers far from the entrance.



All Mushrooms from the Fungal Cavern will appear in their respective groups with their HP scaled for the amount of people in the Realm, with the number and configuration of the enemies varying by wave. Unlike the versions in the Fungal Cavern, these enemies use the linear scaling used by Realm Enemies.

  • Wave 1: 6 Melee Mushrooms, 3 from each family (6x total)
  • Wave 2: 3 Mushroom Mages of the same family, from two families (6x total)
  • Wave 3: 2 Melee Mushrooms and two Mages of the same family, from two families (8x total)
  • Wave 4: 1 Melee Mushroom, 1 Mage, and 1 Leader of the same family, from two families (6x total)

A random Cavecrawler Worm will also spawn to assist the boss itself. The only standard enemies from the dungeon that do not appear in the event are Cavecrawler Bloodsuckers and Cavecrawler Webslingers.

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Crystal Worm FatherCrystal Worm Father


Death MorelDeath Morel

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See Crystal Worm Father’s drops.

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Tips and Strategies


For the event boss fight, see Crystal Worm Father’s tips.

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