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This page contains a list of dyes in the game. For more information on Dye and Cloth usage, see this page.

Dye Additional drop(s) Dye Additional drop(s)
Alice Blue Clothing DyeAlice Blue Accessory DyeAlice Blue
Antique White Clothing DyeAntique White Accessory DyeAntique White
Login Seer (April 2017)
Aqua Clothing DyeAqua Accessory DyeAqua
Aquamarine Clothing DyeAquamarine Accessory DyeAquamarine
Azure Clothing DyeAzure Accessory DyeAzure
Beige Clothing DyeBeige Accessory DyeBeige
Bisque Clothing DyeBisque Accessory DyeBisque
Black Clothing DyeBlack Accessory DyeBlack
Blanched Almond Clothing DyeBlanched Almond Accessory DyeBlanched Almond
Blue Clothing DyeBlue Accessory DyeBlue
Blue Violet Clothing DyeBlue Violet Accessory DyeBlue Violet
Brown Clothing DyeBrown Accessory DyeBrown
Burly Wood Clothing DyeBurly Wood Accessory DyeBurly Wood
Cadet Blue Clothing DyeCadet Blue Accessory DyeCadet Blue
Chartreuse Clothing DyeChartreuse Accessory DyeChartreuse
Chocolate Clothing DyeChocolate Accessory DyeChocolate
Coral Clothing DyeCoral Accessory DyeCoral
Ocean Trench Event Chest (Oct 22-24, 2016)
Cornflower Blue Clothing DyeCornflower Blue Accessory DyeCornflower Blue
Cornsilk Clothing DyeCornsilk Accessory DyeCornsilk
Crimson Clothing DyeCrimson Accessory DyeCrimson
Cyan Clothing DyeCyan Accessory DyeCyan
Dark Blue Clothing DyeDark Blue Accessory DyeDark Blue
Dark Cyan Clothing DyeDark Cyan Accessory DyeDark Cyan
Dark Golden Rod Clothing DyeDark Golden Rod Accessory DyeDark Golden Rod
Dark Gray Clothing DyeDark Gray Accessory DyeDark Gray
Dark Green Clothing DyeDark Green Accessory DyeDark Green
Dark Khaki Clothing DyeDark Khaki Accessory DyeDark Khaki
Dark Magenta Clothing DyeDark Magenta Accessory DyeDark Magenta
Dark Olive Green Clothing DyeDark Olive Green Accessory DyeDark Olive Green
Dark Orange Clothing DyeDark Orange Accessory DyeDark Orange
Dark Orange Clothing Dye drops from Beer God
Dark Orchid Clothing DyeDark Orchid Accessory DyeDark Orchid
Dark Red Clothing DyeDark Red Accessory DyeDark Red
Dark Salmon Clothing DyeDark Salmon Accessory DyeDark Salmon
Dark Sea Green Clothing DyeDark Sea Green Accessory DyeDark Sea Green
Dark Slate Blue Clothing DyeDark Slate Blue Accessory DyeDark Slate Blue
Dark Slate Gray Clothing DyeDark Slate Gray Accessory DyeDark Slate Gray
Dark Turquoise Clothing DyeDark Turquoise Accessory DyeDark Turquoise
Dark Violet Clothing DyeDark Violet Accessory DyeDark Violet
Deep Pink Clothing DyeDeep Pink Accessory DyeDeep Pink
Deep Sky Blue Clothing DyeDeep Sky Blue Accessory DyeDeep Sky Blue
Dim Gray Clothing DyeDim Gray Accessory DyeDim Gray
Dodger Blue Clothing DyeDodger Blue Accessory DyeDodger Blue
Fire Brick Clothing DyeFire Brick Accessory DyeFire Brick
Floral White Clothing DyeFloral White Accessory DyeFloral White
Forest Green Clothing DyeForest Green Accessory DyeForest Green
Fuchsia Clothing DyeFuchsia Accessory DyeFuchsia
Gainsboro Clothing DyeGainsboro Accessory DyeGainsboro
Ghost White Clothing DyeGhost White Accessory DyeGhost White
Gold Clothing DyeGold Accessory DyeGold
Golden Rod Clothing DyeGolden Rod Accessory DyeGolden Rod
Gray Clothing DyeGray Accessory DyeGray
Green Clothing DyeGreen Accessory DyeGreen
Login Seer (March 2017)
Green Yellow Clothing DyeGreen Yellow Accessory DyeGreen Yellow
Honey Dew Clothing DyeHoney Dew Accessory DyeHoney Dew
Hot Pink Clothing DyeHot Pink Accessory DyeHot Pink
Indian Red Clothing DyeIndian Red Accessory DyeIndian Red
Indigo Clothing DyeIndigo Accessory DyeIndigo
Ivory Clothing DyeIvory Accessory DyeIvory
Khaki Clothing DyeKhaki Accessory DyeKhaki
Lavender Clothing DyeLavender Accessory DyeLavender
Lavender Blush Clothing DyeLavender Blush Accessory DyeLavender Blush
Lawn Green Clothing DyeLawn Green Accessory DyeLawn Green
Lemon Chiffon Clothing DyeLemon Chiffon Accessory DyeLemon Chiffon
Light Blue Clothing DyeLight Blue Accessory DyeLight Blue
Light Coral Clothing DyeLight Coral Accessory DyeLight Coral
Ocean Trench Event Chest (Oct 22-24, 2016)
Light Cyan Clothing DyeLight Cyan Accessory DyeLight Cyan
Light Golden Rod Yellow Clothing DyeLight Golden Rod Yellow Accessory DyeLight Golden Rod Yellow
Light Grey Clothing DyeLight Grey Accessory DyeLight Grey
Light Green Clothing DyeLight Green Accessory DyeLight Green
Light Pink Clothing DyeLight Pink Accessory DyeLight Pink
Light Salmon Clothing DyeLight Salmon Accessory DyeLight Salmon
Light Sea Green Clothing DyeLight Sea Green Accessory DyeLight Sea Green
Light Sky Blue Clothing DyeLight Sky Blue Accessory DyeLight Sky Blue
Light Slate Gray Clothing DyeLight Slate Gray Accessory DyeLight Slate Gray
Light Steel Blue Clothing DyeLight Steel Blue Accessory DyeLight Steel Blue
Light Yellow Clothing DyeLight Yellow Accessory DyeLight Yellow
Lime Clothing DyeLime Accessory DyeLime
Lime Green Clothing DyeLime Green Accessory DyeLime Green
Both drop from Beer God
Linen Clothing DyeLinen Accessory DyeLinen
Magenta Clothing DyeMagenta Accessory DyeMagenta
Maroon Clothing DyeMaroon Accessory DyeMaroon
Medium Aqua Marine Clothing DyeMedium Aqua Marine Accessory DyeMedium Aqua Marine
Medium Blue Clothing DyeMedium Blue Accessory DyeMedium Blue
Medium Orchid Clothing DyeMedium Orchid Accessory DyeMedium Orchid
Medium Purple Clothing DyeMedium Purple Accessory DyeMedium Purple
Medium Sea Green Clothing DyeMedium Sea Green Accessory DyeMedium Sea Green
Medium Slate Blue Clothing DyeMedium Slate Blue Accessory DyeMedium Slate Blue
Medium Spring Green Clothing DyeMedium Spring Green Accessory DyeMedium Spring Green
Medium Turquoise Clothing DyeMedium Turquoise Accessory DyeMedium Turquoise
Medium Violet Red Clothing DyeMedium Violet Red Accessory DyeMedium Violet Red
Midnight Blue Clothing DyeMidnight Blue Accessory DyeMidnight Blue
Mint Cream Clothing DyeMint Cream Accessory DyeMint Cream
Misty Rose Clothing DyeMisty Rose Accessory DyeMisty Rose
Moccasin Clothing DyeMoccasin Accessory DyeMoccasin
Navajo White Clothing DyeNavajo White Accessory DyeNavajo White
Navy Clothing DyeNavy Accessory DyeNavy
Old Lace Clothing DyeOld Lace Accessory DyeOld Lace
Olive Clothing DyeOlive Accessory DyeOlive
Olive Drab Clothing DyeOlive Drab Accessory DyeOlive Drab
Orange Clothing DyeOrange Accessory DyeOrange
Tomb of the Ancients Event Chest (Nov 5-7, 2016)
Orange Accessory Dye drops from Beer God
Orange Red Clothing DyeOrange Red Accessory DyeOrange Red
Orchid Clothing DyeOrchid Accessory DyeOrchid
Tomb of the Ancients Event Chest (Nov 5-7, 2016)
Pale Golden Rod Clothing DyePale Golden Rod Accessory DyePale Golden Rod
Pale Green Clothing DyePale Green Accessory DyePale Green
Pale Turquoise Clothing DyePale Turquoise Accessory DyePale Turquoise
Pale Violet Red Clothing DyePale Violet Red Accessory DyePale Violet Red
Papaya Whip Clothing DyePapaya Whip Accessory DyePapaya Whip
Peach Puff Clothing DyePeach Puff Accessory DyePeach Puff
Peru Clothing DyePeru Accessory DyePeru
Pink Clothing DyePink Accessory DyePink
Plum Clothing DyePlum Accessory DyePlum
Powder Blue Clothing DyePowder Blue Accessory DyePowder Blue
Purple Clothing DyePurple Accessory DyePurple
Red Clothing DyeRed Accessory DyeRed
Rosy Brown Clothing DyeRosy Brown Accessory DyeRosy Brown
Royal Blue Clothing DyeRoyal Blue Accessory DyeRoyal Blue
Saddle Brown Clothing DyeSaddle Brown Accessory DyeSaddle Brown
Salmon Clothing DyeSalmon Accessory DyeSalmon
Sandy Brown Clothing DyeSandy Brown Accessory DyeSandy Brown
Sea Green Clothing DyeSea Green Accessory DyeSea Green
Sea Shell Clothing DyeSea Shell Accessory DyeSea Shell
Sienna Clothing DyeSienna Accessory DyeSienna
Silver Clothing DyeSilver Accessory DyeSilver
Sky Blue Clothing DyeSky Blue Accessory DyeSky Blue
Slate Blue Clothing DyeSlate Blue Accessory DyeSlate Blue
Slate Gray Clothing DyeSlate Gray Accessory DyeSlate Gray
Snow Clothing DyeSnow Accessory DyeSnow
Spring Green Clothing DyeSpring Green Accessory DyeSpring Green
Steel Blue Clothing DyeSteel Blue Accessory DyeSteel Blue
St Patrick's Green Clothing DyeSt Patrick's Green Accessory DyeSt Patrick’s Green
Tan Clothing DyeTan Accessory DyeTan
Teal Clothing DyeTeal Accessory DyeTeal
Thistle Clothing DyeThistle Accessory DyeThistle
Tomato Clothing DyeTomato Accessory DyeTomato
Turquoise Clothing DyeTurquoise Accessory DyeTurquoise
Violet Clothing DyeViolet Accessory DyeViolet
Tomb of the Ancients Event Chest (Nov 5-7, 2016)
Wheat Clothing DyeWheat Accessory DyeWheat
White Clothing DyeWhite Accessory DyeWhite
White Smoke Clothing DyeWhite Smoke Accessory DyeWhite Smoke
Yellow Clothing DyeYellow Accessory DyeYellow
Tomb of the Ancients Event Chest (Nov 5-7, 2016)
Yellow Green Clothing DyeYellow Green Accessory DyeYellow Green