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El Dorado

Last updated: Exalt Version (Sep 2021)
El Dorado

El Dorado is the second boss of the Secluded Thicket.

An immaculate golden idol rests in a temple at the heart of this uncharted jungle. Its origin is unknown, but what is apparent is the curse that lives within it. The natives worship it as a treasure from the gods, and may be willing to give more than their life to defend it. - Original Description

The Realm Eye says:
El Dorado was discovered when Xolotl’s tribe first entered the Secluded Thicket. The first tribesman to touch it died instantaneously, leading them to believe it was a treasure from the gods.
The cursed statue actually came from an extremely primitive civilization many millennia ago, though the intricacy of its carvings rivals even the art of modern sculptors.
Due to the severity of its mystical curse, it has never been moved from the place at which it was first found. Even the temple it rests in was built around the statue.



Base HP: 90,000 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 65
EXP: 15,000
Location: Secluded Thicket

Level 20 Quest
Counts towards God Kills

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stunned
Immune to Paralyzed
Immune to Dazed

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
El Dorado Spike
Pierces Players
Pierces Armor
El Dorado Line
Pierces Players
El Dorado Gold
Pierces Players
Pierces Armor
El Dorado Curse
Curse for 3s
Pierces Players
Amplitude: 2.5
Frequency: 0.5
Faces Direction
Insectile Spike
Sick for 1.4s
From Insect Masks
Pierces Players
Demonic Blast
Slowed for 2s
From Demon Masks
Pierces Players
Avian Spinner
Confused for 2s
From Bird Masks
Pierces Players
El Dorado Shield
Cursed for 5s
Slowed for 3s
Pierces Armor
Pierces Players
Purple Bomb
Dazed for 3s
Radius: 2


El Dorado is found in the second area of the Secluded Thicket, a gold-floored temple with numerous colored slots along the edges. Upon being approached, it will slowly activate before shutting off the entrance to the temple and attacking. The boss cannot move.

The boss features an inheritance system involving the three Tribesmen it summons. Depending on which Tribesman was last killed, it will spawn invincible masks that aid El Dorado in its next attack. The Masks vanish when the next Tribesman has been summoned.

If the Demon Tribesman was last killed, numerous Demon Masks spawn around the perimeter of the room. When El Dorado starts firing, the masks will also fire, forming a grid of Slowing red shots.
If the Insect Tribesman was last killed, an Insect Mask will spawn at the midpoint of each wall. When El Dorado starts firing, the masks will also fire spreads of Sickening green shots.
If the Bird Tribesman was last killed, a Bird Mask will spawn at each corner of the room. When El Dorado starts firing, the masks will also fire, forming an X-shape of Confusing boomerang shots.

Phase 1

El Dorado fires extremely dense, 3-way shotguns of brown bolts that pierce armor. It will change the orientation of the waves with each shot, so that they can’t be safespotted by standing still. After taking enough damage, it will spawn in a random Tribesman, which must be killed to advance the fight. While a Tribesman is active, El Dorado is immune to damage and will constantly radiate short-ranged rings of shockwaves from itself.

Phase 2

After the first Tribesman has been slain, El Dorado begins firing pairs of curving bolts that Curse, while spawning El Dorado Spirits that launch themselves at players. Then, it will cause a random half of the room to start flashing red (similar to Janus the Doorwarden), marking the border of the flashing area with harmless brown beams. Players have about 3 seconds to get out of that zone before El Dorado unleashes several extremely dense waves of massively damaging, armor-piercing gold arrows that sweep the highlighted area, dealing extremely high, unblockable damage to anyone still in the zone. After this, it will continue firing as usual for a few seconds before marking a new zone.

El Dorado is invulnerable while a zone is not highlighted, but is Armored while one is. After taking enough damage, it will spawn in a second random Tribesman out of the two still left. Behavior from Phase 1 applies here too, except it continues spawning El Dorado Spirits.

Phase 3

After the second tribesman has been killed, El Dorado repeats Phase 2, but with a couple changes. It will now mark three-quarters of the room rather than half, and will also start throwing Jungle Flames along with the El Dorado Spirits, stationary hazards that deal contact damage while inflicting Bleed and Armor Broken.

The boss will spawn in the last Tribesman upon taking enough damage. However, this time it will continue spawning Jungle Flames as the Tribesman is fought.

Phase 4

After the last Tribesman has been killed, El Dorado begins firing dense, 4-way shotguns of armor piercing brown bolts while rapidly lobbing Dazing purple bombs at nearby players. After firing several bursts, it will mark a zone again, except this time it can choose whether to mark half or three-quarters of the room. It will repeat this process until it dies, spawning Jungle Flames and El Dorado Spirits while firing its Curse bullets all the while.

El Dorado is invulnerable when not firing anything, and Armored while marking zones. When firing its brown bolts, it is completely vulnerable.

Upon its defeat, all existing masks vanish and the entrance to the third area of the Thicket is opened, where Xolotl can be fought.

Insect Tribesman Insect Tribesman
Demon Tribesman Demon Tribesman
Bird Tribesman Bird Tribesman
El Dorado Spirit El Dorado Spirit
Jungle Flame Jungle Flame

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Tips and Strategies

Once the Bird Tribesman is spawned, head to the top right corner for some early damage then stay back once he gets there as he’ll start firing off a spray of quiet and confuse shots, certain classes will be able to tank these with no problem, some will have to stay back and attack from afar where there are no projectiles. He will keep on rotating clockwise to each corner repeating the same attack. It should be noted that he will be vulnerable and will not attack when switching corners. Once enough damage is done, he will move in in erratic pattern for a bit and start moving in the path the nearest player has made while firing off many quiet shots and a small amount of confuse shots. Once killed, some confuse shots will keep on moving from the corners to the boss until the boss is pushed into the next phase, be ready to use confuse controls because you will need them to survive.

Once the Insect Tribesman is spawned, he will start rotating around El Dorado at a fast rate and varying degrees on how close he is to El Dorado and will fire off many sicken shots and a few blinding shots. Slowing the tribesman can help rotate around with him, maximizing DPS, speedy can also help do the same thing. If you don’t have either of those, standing on one side while dodging everything and damaging him once he comes to you can be an effective strategy aswell. Once enough damage is done, he will stay in one place and start firing off sicken shots and some blind shots, he will move every few seconds to where the nearest player is located and repeat the same attack, you shouldn’t have problems killing him easily. Once killed, a bunch of sicken shots will start to come from the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the boss room in waves of 5. They are pretty slow, but since there are so many of them, it is practically impossible to dodge every single one of them. Getting low on health and getting sickened is a recipe for disaster especially with the El Dorado Spirit flying around.

Once the Demon Tribesman is spawned, he will start attacking with fast shotguns that armor break while moving towards the player, he will do that for a few seconds then start rotating around El Dorardo while firing off slowing machine guns and will start doing his shotgun attacks again after a while. His armor break shotgun is very dangerous and especially with his slowing attacks lasting a long time can get a player killed easily if not careful. Once enough damage is done, he will start shooting his shotgun a bit slower, but also shoots a slowing shot occasionaly, making him very dangerous if you let him sit on you. Once killed, lots of slowing shots will come from certain parts of the arena in straight lines and section off the safe areas into little squares. Dodging the armor break flame can be pretty awkward and you should cross the shots if you can’t dodge the flame.