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Last updated: 12.0.0

Minion of the Ent Ancient

The Ent is very dangerous, as it spamshoots high-damaging, fast-moving projectiles that can easily slaughter low-defense classes like Wizards, especially if they are unmaxed. Unless you are maxed or unless you are a tanky class (e.g. a knight), attack this medium-sized wooden monster from a distance.



HP: 4,500
DEF: 11
EXP: 29
Location: Midlands
Setpiece: Tree Grove (Ent Ancient)

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Leaf Bolt
Trigger Range: 10 Cooldown: 1s Aim: 0.4
If Trigger Range Not Met:
  • Shots: 5
  • Cooldown: 1.6
  • Angle: 72
  • Adjustment Angle: 30
  • Offset: 0.8
  • Autofires


  • Chase Range: 1
  • Chase Speed: 2.5
  • Sight Range: 9
  • Despawns after 90 seconds
  • Protects: Ent Ancient
    • Speed: 2.5
    • Sight Range: 12
    • Protect Range: 7
    • Reprotect Range: 7
Does not reproduce


Spawns From: Ent AncientEnt Ancient

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Soulbound Drops:

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Tips and Strategies

  • When the Ent starts growing, whether or not you attack it will not influence the rate at which it grows. Yet, you should slowly circle the Ent while firing at it in order to kill the minions it spawns.
  • When you circle the Ent, make sure not to run into the triple-shots, as one hit can deal severe damage. Make sure to stop for a moment when you see the Ent firing 3 shots instead of one, then resume the circling.

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