The environment consists of tiles, liquids, walls, and objects. Players cannot control or interact with most environmental aspects, but many liquids affect players in various ways.


Liquids are defined as tiles that cause sprites to be partially submerged when on the tile. Most liquids decrease walking speed.


Walls are solid tiles that prevent both players and enemies from moving past them. However, the player may teleport over walls (either by teleporting to other players, or short-range by using Prisms or the Cloak of the Planewalker.)


Objects are usually used as flavor, but some may have effects on players.

The Marble Pillar is a object placed on the location of the character when the set ability key is pressed, if the character is using a Marble Seal. (The default key is the Spacebar.)

The Pillar Gives Armored and Damaging within 3 tiles. You can read all of the details for the Marble Pillar and the Marble Seal here.


Obstacles are objects which prevent players from passing through them. However, certain projectiles can pass through obstacles. One example of an obstacle are rocks, which are found in the Mountains and Midlands.

Gray Rock Brown Rock
(Forbidden) Jungle Rock

Japanese Rock BigJapanese Rocks