Ethereal Shrine

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Last updated: Exalt Version (Sep 2023)
Ethereal Shrine

The Ethereal Shrine is an event boss that spawns once per realm and has a guaranteed chance of dropping the portal to the Moonlight Village.

The Realm Eye says:
Within the realm, there exists both discordant spirits and harmonious spirits. Due to their mostly passive nature, harmonious spirits were seldom encountered by mortals - until very recently.
A great migration has occurred in the Realm, and thousands of wispy, floating lights have descended upon the land, always traveling but with no cohesive destination.
In the midst of this change, a ghostly shrine has quietly appeared in the Realm. It serves as the border between the ethereal and the physical, and links to a far away foreign land. Perhaps its appearance within the realm is a result of the frequent crossings that have been occurring recently.



HP: 115,000 (+10% [11,500 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 200
EXP: 20,000

Quest Enemy

Immune to Stun
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Daze
Immune to Curse
Immune to Armor Broken

Counts towards Structure Kills

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The Ethereal Shrine spawns in a small circular patch of dark stone encircled by bamboo shoots, and will initially be inactive but be visible on the minimap as a white dot. To activate the shrine, players must collect wisps gathered from the Highlands and Godlands by touching them. Wisps will also naturally wander towards the shrine and be collected by the shrine. For each collected wisp, the time before the shrine becomes active is shortened. The Shrine is permanently Wooden Shield Armored and surrounded by three inactive orbiting spirits, with three more that orbit in the opposite direction around the perimeter of the arena. These will become hostile as the fight progresses.

There is also an orbiting lantern in the arena that provides Red Cross Healing to players standing near it and purges Blood Drop Bleeding. In addition, standing close to the Lantern for a period of time will gradually weaken the Shrine’s extremely high defenses; first removing its permanent Wooden Shield Armored effect, then inflicting Curse Curse, then finally Gold Four Pointed Star Armor Broken. These effects will persist as long as players stay on the Lantern, but will also revert if players move off of it.

The Shrine doesn’t move and goes through multiple phases as it loses HP, gaining brief invulnerability between phases.

Phase 1

Fires slow 3-way shotguns of returning fireballs, or denser shotguns of slower fire waves.

Phase 2

At 85% HP, the six inner and outer spirits activate leaving behind trails of stationary fireballs while firing rings of multicolored stars or bursts of fire waves. The Shrine continues attacking as usual.

Phase 3

At 40% HP, the Shrine periodically summons an additional double ring of shots around the arena which then converge on itself.

Upon defeat, all spirits and lanterns vanish as the Ethereal Shrine collapses into the portal to the Moonlight Village.

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  • As the wisps will naturally move towards the Shrine, staying near the setpiece will help speed up the collecting process as the wisps will converge in swarms nearby.
  • Try to stay on top of the lantern as much as possible. Not only does it provide survivability while dispelling the Shrine’s massive DEF to speed up the fight, it’s good practice for facing the actual bosses of the Moonlight Village, where the lantern is even more integral.
  • Although its potential DPS will be lower, a weapon that Armor Piercing Ignores defense of target allows players to bypass the DEF of the Shrine without the lantern, which can be useful if players are having difficulty following the lantern.


  • The lantern used to have mild player scaling for the entire realm. This was removed in Exalt Version
  • Prior to Exalt Version, the Shrine would remain hidden on the minimap until a player found it or the Shrine became active. Before this, the activation requirement independently checked whether 120 wisps had been collected or 20 minutes had passed rather than being a combination of both.

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