Event Chest

Introduced: Release 27.7.X2
Last updated: Release X.28.0
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During in-game events, an Event Chest is a variety of Test Chest that is spawned upon the defeat of the boss in a dungeon. After spawning, the Chest will remain invulnerable for 15 seconds.

Event Chests are frequently found during seasonal events such as Month of the Mad God and Christmas. Outside of these, they are often active in the weekends. Players should check the Official DECA posts in the Realm of the Mad God subreddit to determine which dungeon(s) currently have Event Chests, their possible drops, and how long they are active.



Base HP: 60,000 (health scales with the number of players in the dungeon)
DEF: 0
EXP: 1,000
Location: Dungeons, during events only

Immune to Stasis


Varies depending on the event taking place. Almost always Limited Items drop. Untiered items (white bag drops) found within the dungeon and specific Consumables special to the event also drop in Event Chest.

Note: Even if a dungeon boss of the dungeon where the event is taking place drops marks, the Event Chest will not drop marks.

Things that drop in every event chest:


  • Initially, defeating all enemies in the dungeon was a requirement to spawn the Event Chest. This was eventually changed such that the chest will spawn after defeating the boss.
  • The Grinch is disguised as an Event Chest.
  • Players can check which dungeon(s) currently have an event associated with them by typing “/event” in the game chat. Note that dungeons which show up under /events do not necessarily have an Event Chest, as there are other types of dungeon events (ex. increased fame/loot).