Evil Water

Last updated: Release 21.0.1
Evil Water



Evil Water can only be found in the Deadwater Docks. In the Deadwater Docks, you must navigate through narrow paths and rooms surrounded by Evil Water in order to get to the boss room. During the boss fight with Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King, after a certain time, the outside of the room will become covered in more evil water, effectively reducing the size of safe floor tiles. It will, however, only do this once, and will not cover the floor entirely. (Note that the darker water in Manor Of The Immortals and Oryx’s Castle are NOT Evil Water.)

  • An archer battles with enemies in a room surrounded by Evil water in the Deadwater Docks.
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    Evil Water does 55 armor piercing damage per every second you are in Evil Water. It can also be spawned by Bottled Evil Water thrown by some of the enemies in the Deadwater Docks.

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