Eye of the Edified

Last updated: X.31.7.0

If there’s one thing the Deholder is glad about, it’s how great his peripheral vision has become. Gotta count your blessings, right?

The Eye of the Edified is an enemy found in the Cursed Library.



HP: 1800
DEF: 6
EXP: 180
Location: Cursed Library

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Eyes of the Edified will remain in proximity to the Deholder, constantly releasing white Area of Effect circles around themselves. They will sometimes leave this proximity to charge at the player briefly before returning to their orbit.

Once their Deholder has died, it will charge at the nearest player, wander slightly for a few seconds, and then charge again.

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Tips and Strategies

Eyes of the Edified will spawn with Deholders. Although the Eyes can apply the Darkness effect and bursts of 70 damage during its charges, the Deholder is the bigger threat and should be targeted first, since it does 180 damage + bleeding per shot.

It is easy to damage the Eye of the Edified while it is charging, since it travels in a straight line. When you notice that it is charging, quickly back up and start firing. Be wary of getting too close, since the Darkness effect can leave you vulnerable to other monsters.