Flesh Collector Set

Flesh Collector
Class Assassin
Themed on Flesh Collector
Drops From Son of Arachna (Symbiotic Ripper / Rags of the Host)
Glowing Egg (Symbiotic Ripper / Rags of the Host)
Nightmare Colony (Parasitic Concoction / Hivemind Circlet)
Mighty Quest Chest (Symbiotic Ripper / Parasitic Concoction / Rags of the Host / Hivemind Circlet)
Obtained Through Mystery Boxes
2nd Piece Bonus +6 VIT, +7 WIS
3rd Piece Bonus +50 HP, +7 ATT
4th Piece Bonus +100 MP
Subtotal of Bonuses +50 HP, +100 MP, +7 ATT, +6 VIT, +7 WIS
Overall Stat Bonus +50 HP, +200 MP, +20 ATT, +15 DEF, -2 VIT, +12 WIS
Final Stats at 8/8 770 HP, 452 MP, 80 ATT, 40 DEF, 75 SPD, 75 DEX, 38 VIT, 72 WIS
Total XP Bonus 19%
Soulbound Soulbound
Released Patch X.28.0 (July 2018)

The Flesh Collector Set is the twelfth special themed set to be released, and has been available since Patch X.28.0 (July 2018).

Wearing the full set transforms the assassin player into a 16x16 Flesh Collector sprite and changes the weapon’s shot. The set confers additional stat bonuses when at least two of the items are worn together.