Forbidden Jungle Guide

Forbidden Jungle | Suggested Level: 10-20

Forbidden Jungle PortalForbidden Jungle PortalForbidden Jungle PortalForbidden Jungle PortalForbidden Jungle Portal

How & Why to find a Forbidden Jungle


Great Coil Snake

The Forbidden Jungle drops only from the Great Coil Snake, which can be found in a ruined area (often near roads) in the mid-forest region of the realm and sometimes on the edge of the lesser godlands. Unless it’s already been looted, you can check his treasure chest for gear and HP/MP pots.

When fighting the coil snake, watch out for his minions, as he spawns them regularly and they can grow into a danger. Also be watchful for other stray enemies who may have wandered into the ruins and might make the battle more complicated.


Staff of the Crystal SerpentCracked Crystal SkullRobe of the TlatoaniCrystal Bone RingPollen PowderWine Cellar Incantation

The enemies’ XP rates make the jungle excellent for leveling up. Their drop of pollen powder, which regenerates MP not only to yourself but to those around you, is very useful in many situations.

Staff classes may be interested in the UT necromancer set dropped by the boss Mixcoatl. The staff is roughly at the same level as the T8 Staff of Horror found in the Godlands, with slightly lower average damage but slightly more range. The dynamic is roughly the same between the UT skull of the Godlands. On the other hand, the Crystal Bone Ring, which slightly augments dexterity and wisdom, is less popular. Similarly, the Robe of the Tlatoani, which increases wisdom and mana rather than defense, is infamously useless.

More advanced players may also consider the dungeon for a chance at a Wine Cellar Incantation, which drops at a low rate from Mixcoatl. The cyan drops also have feed powers from 150-300 (excluding the Wine Cellar Incantation, but it’s much rarer than the UTs). If you’re for that, the Staff and Skull are the best for common pets.


Navigating through the dungeon

This dungeon may be tricky at lower levels, but killing the minions is straightforward and rewarding enough in XP to make it worthwhile as long as you’re careful. They come in three varieties:


BasiliskBasilisk Baby

These are scattered throughout the jungle and can be killed swiftly for XP. Though their attacks should not pose too great a danger, they may be annoying.


Jungle TotemTotem Spirit

Totems don’t move, but deal shotguns of 40 damage each when you get to close. Their minions are annoying as well. The XP reward for killing a totem is more than fair and is certainly worthwhile if you can just snipe from afar with a long-range weapon.

Masked Tribesmen

Jungle FireMask WarriorMask HunterMask Shaman

Tribesmen dance in a circle around a jungle fire. Dodging their shots is fairly easy, but it’s important not to be overconfident: the shamans inflict quiet and hallucinate. Dispersing them may involve taking out the fire, which deals some more accurate and powerful shots but rewards with more XP when killed.

Note that there are always 10 rooms between the starting room and the Mixcoatl’s room, not counting either.

Boss: Mixcoatl the Masked God

Mixcoatl the Masked God

The Masked God is a pretty interesting fight, as in not at all. When you first attack him, he shoots in a spiral that is only sword range; during this phase, you can just circle him and hit him to deal loads of damage without taking a hit. Then once you have done enough damage or enough time has passed, he will go in the center and start shooting 360-degree explosions from him and the 4 totem poles around him, when he does this there are 2 different safe zones you can just stand in to hit him, one is close enough for melee classes and the other for range classes to hit him. As soon as he is done with this phase he will then start to chase you. During this phase you can lure him out of the room if you want to, giving you the advantage if he lives long enough to go back to the exploding phase. As long as you dodge, and try to end it quickly there are usually not any problems fighting him. Just remember to Nexus if you need to.