Forest Maze Guide

Forest Maze | Suggested Level: 1-10

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How & Why to find a Forest Maze


Goblin MageElf WizardHobbit MageWasp QueenDwarf KingDrake BabyEnraged Bunny

Goblins, Elves, and Hobbits can be found in the lowlands, along with Bunnies.
Wasps, Dwarves, and Drakes are in the midlands, and are probably about as hard to defeat as the entire Forest Maze.


Speed Sprout
Speed Sprouts give a 5 second Speedy status effect boost, which is great for rushing dungeons and dodging shots. And if you’re lucky you could even sell them!

T5 WeaponsT6 ArmorCommon Egg
Up to T5 weapons and T6 armor can be found here which can be an upgrade for your current gear and could prove useful if you’re new. Also the boss drops common eggs so if you don’t have a pet yet this is the easiest place to get an egg!

Class Tips

  • Ranged classes can snipe & avoid the confuse shots from the moths, particularly at the boss battle.
  • Bow and wand classes can penetrate the swarm of moths during the boss battle

Navigating through the dungeon

Rushing this dungeon is only prevented by the confusing moths and mazelike format. The minions pose minimal threat, excluding the Ultimate Squirrels. Clearing out every room is largely unnecessary for characters with any decent armor. If you have too much trouble with the mazelike patterns, walk against the right wall and do not step away from it or turn around. Remember, the minimap is your friend.


Forest Goblin Forest Goblin

Forest Goblin Mage Forest Goblin Mage

Armored Squirrel Armored Squirrel

These above enemies are pretty lame, and can be ignored if you have any decent armor. Just don’t let the Goblins get too many sword hits on you, as they can deal considerable damage if you are unprepared. And always stay aware of your HP.

Mini Megamoth Mini Megamoth

These guys inflict Confuse, which can actually confuse someone new to the game. They’re a bit annoying when rushing, and don’t give any EXP. Also, make sure you don’t hit one of these guys’ bullets if you’re a lower level and weak armor during the boss battle, or it could cause serious or fatal damage.

Ultimate Squirrel Ultimate Squirrel

These are the most dangerous non-boss enemies with a 35-damage shotgun. They are not very common, and only spawn in a fraction of the rooms.

Boss: Mama Megamoth

Mama Megamoth

She leaves behind floating confuse shots while alternatively darting and standing, spawning Mini Megamoths as the fight goes on. Ranged classes can snipe her easily from outside of the room and melees can stand near the edge and maul her. The fight only gets dangerous if you get trapped, start circling, and get confused. To avoid walking into the mass of drifting shots, remember to always circle left. This trail can spell your doom if you are leveling.