Forgotten Ice Mage

Last updated: X.15.0.0
Forgotten Ice Mage

The Forgotten Ice Mage is a minion found within The Shatters.



HP: 9000
DEF: 25
EXP: 150
Location: The Shatters

Immune to Stun

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Blue Boomerang
Slowed for 2s
Darkness for 2s


Phase 1:
Chases the closest player slowly while firing waves of blue boomerangs. Like several other enemies in the Shatters, the Ice Mage is not very lethal in this phase, but should be taken down to prevent the spawning of an Ice Sphere.

Phase 2:
The Ice Mage will stop moving, flash blue, and spawn an Ice Sphere. The sphere will orbit around the Ice Mage at first, and then the Ice Mage will resume chasing and attacking players. Shortly after the Mage starts moving he will “throw” the sphere at the nearest player, but the sphere will then stop attacking. The Mage will go back to phase 1 and spawn another sphere after a short time.


Ice SphereIce Sphere

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Tips and Strategies

Bow Classes:

Both the Ice Mage and his summoned sphere can be paralyzed, preventing the mage from throwing the sphere at nearby players. This can save lives and is always worth attempting.

All other classes:

For the first attack phase, simple back-stepping will allow you to dodge all of his boomerang attacks and deal heavy damage, if not outright killing him. While his attacks are not particularly damaging, darkness will hide any and all nearby enemies/projectiles, increasing the chance of you running straight into the shotgun of another mage, or the Ice sphere itself

During the second phase you must remain aware of the movements of the ice sphere. If you allow it to sit on you for even a moment, it will deal heavy damage, or outright kill you. Stay moving at all times and be particularly wary of hallways. Refer to the Ice Sphere page for more details on dealing with them.

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