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Goblin Rogue

Last updated: 15.0.0

A barely clothed rogue of the Goblin race.

They’re eating her… and then they’re going to eat me… OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! –Arnold

The Goblin Rogue is an enemy that is found in the Lowlands forest. It is a minion of the Goblin Mage.



HP: 25
DEF: 0
EXP: 3
Location: Low Forest

Counts towards Grotesque kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Trigger Range: 3 Cooldown: 1s


Commander: Goblin Mage

  • Sight Range: 12
Protect State: Stays close to the Goblin Mage while following its orders.
  • Protects: Goblin Mage
    • Speed: 8
    • Sight Range: 12
    • Protect Range: 1.5
    • Reprotect Range: 1.5
  • Transition to Scatter State after 1.2s

Scatter State: Circles the Goblin Mage while still taking orders.

  • Protects: Goblin Mage
    • Speed: 8
    • Radius: 6 to 8
    • Orbits
  • Transition to Protect State after 2.4s

Hoard State: Protects Goblin Mage when then Mage is at low health

  • Enters this state upon command from the Goblin Mage.
  • Protects: Goblin Mage
    • Speed: 8
    • Sight Range: 12
    • Protect Range: 6
    • Reprotect Range: 3


Spawns From:

Goblin MageGoblin Mage

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Tips and Strategies

Goblin Rogues are weak minions of the Goblin Mages that populate the lowlands forests. While they are incapable of dealing much damage individually, what makes them dangerous are their numbers.

They can be easily killed by circling them, but be prepared to react when the Goblin Mage is injured as they will swarm you in large numbers.

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