Golden Oryx Effigy

Last updated: Exalt Version (June 2021)

The Golden Oryx Effigy is the boss of the Cave of a Thousand Treasures.

The Realm Eye says:
The Golden Oryx Effigy was erected by a gang of bandits after Oryx had discovered their hideout.
The thieves were crafty and fed into Oryx’s ego by creating a golden monument in his image, convincing him to turn a blind eye.
The hollow effigy was briefly inhabited by the Void Entity, but proved too weak to use as a vessel. A fragment of aimless life essence remains inside.



Base HP: 18,750 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 30
EXP: 6,000
Location: Cave of a Thousand Treasures

Quest Monster
Counts towards God Kills
Counts towards Construct Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Golden Blast
Gold Fireball
Red Bomb


The Golden Oryx Effigy is found dormant in a large circular chamber at the end of the Cave of a Thousand Treasures, with the edges lined with Treasure Pots. When a player approaches it, it will become hostile and start combat.

Phase 1

The Golden Oryx Effigy spawns four Treasure Oryx Defenders and ten Gold Planets. The Defenders will circle counterclockwise around the Effigy while firing rings of gold shots, and the Gold Planets will circle further away while each firing a 2-way counterclockwise spiral of black balls, every fifth of which will be a Blinding spinner. While there are still Defenders, the Effigy will be invulnerable.

When the Defenders have been destroyed, the Effigy will turn black and become vulnerable. If the Effigy is brought below 50% HP in this state, the fight progresses to the next phase. Otherwise, the Effigy will restore itself, respawn the 4 Guardians and restart the phase.
”You destroy my guardians in my house? Blasphemy!”
“No! I’m weakened!”
“My protectors!”
“What have you done?”

Phase 2

”My protectors are no more!”
“You mongrels are ruining my beautiful treasure!”
“You won’t leave with your pilfered loot!”

The Effigy will stay dark and vulnerable through this whole phase, and the Gold Planets will move to orbit it more closely. It alternates between these two attacks.

  • Rapidly throwing red bombs around itself in groups of 4, along with another centered on itself. During this phase, the Effigy will periodically heal itself for 200 HP.
  • Firing a 4-armed spiral of Gold Fireballs that initially rotates counterclockwise, but will frequently change direction. Every time the spiral changes direction, the Effigy will fire an additional ring of Gold Fireballs.

This phase lasts until the Effigy is destroyed, upon which all Gold Planets despawn.


Treasure Oryx Defender Treasure Oryx Defender
Gold Planet Gold Planet

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Tips and Strategies

  • There are several rock formations along the edges of his boss room that can be used as shelter.
  • There are Vases lining the walls that can be broken for restoratives if you need health or mana.
  • The Gold Planets’ bullet spiral has a fixed rotation. Tracking their spiral is useful in dodging their attacks.
  • Note that this boss has no guaranteed potion drop if soloed.

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