Golden Rat

Last updated: 27.7.X6

The Golden Rat is a special enemy found in the Toxic Sewers.



HP: 4,500
DEF: 10
EXP: 195
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze
Location: Toxic Sewers

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Does not attack.


Moves around erratically when not encountered.

On encounter (when a player gets within a large tile radius from the rat), it will say “Squeek!” in chat, notifying players that a Golden Rat has been seen, and will start speedily running away two seconds after. Due to it not having attacks, it is mostly harmless; although it could lead you into other enemies. If it gets far enough away from any player, it will despawn and not drop anything. It will also despawn approximately ~15 seconds after encounter, regardless of distance.


Does not reproduce.

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Tips and Strategies

  • If it is intended to find a Golden Rat, try to make sure the surrounding area is as clear as possible in the case of a rat chase.

  • A decent sized group may be helpful to kill enemies if the Golden Rat attempts to escape to other rooms.

  • Cornering the rat would prevent it from running anywhere, making it an easy target.

  • There is a chance of finding more than one Golden Rat in a single dungeon.