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Grand Sphinx

Last updated: 27.7.X7

The Grand Sphinx is an event boss that spawns once per realm. It drops a portal to the Tomb of the Ancients and has a very low chance to drop the Helm of the Juggernaut. It spawns five invulnerable minions called Horrid Reapers.

Herald and protector of Bes, Geb, and Nut, the Grand Sphinx can randomly be found in a desert ruin in the Realm. (Steam Trading Card: Grand Sphinx)

The Realm Eye says:
The Grand Sphinx was once the herald of the old gods, Bes Nut, and Geb. Its presence in the realm signalled a demand of sacrifice from the trio.
It was crafted as a gift from their worshippers and brought to life as a servant, but in their hubris, the enchantment simply specified that it serve the realm’s ruler.
As the old gods faded and Oryx later became the sovereign ruler of the realm, the Grand Sphinx was bound to serve its new master.



Base HP: 50,000 (+10% [5000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 25
EXP: 4,000

Immune to Stasis
Level 20 Quest
Counts to God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Weak for 7s
Blind for 4s


The Sphinx has three attack patterns that she transitions through in order. She flashes green and goes invulnerable when transitioning between them. All her bullets pass through cover (trees and rocks but not 3D walls). Upon being approached, she will spawn in 5 Horrid Reapers that assist her during her battle.

Phase 1

The Grand Sphinx rapidly sprays fireballs in an approximately 90° angle aimed at the nearest player. The fireballs are rather inaccurate but travel very quickly, as well as inflicting Weak.

Phase 2

The Grand Sphinx will taunt: “You hide like cowards…but you can’t hide from this!” She will then fire 2 large waves of Zedshots on either side of her that inflict massive damage and Blind. She will repeat this about 11 times, shifting the direction of the waves each time. This attack hurts a lot but can easily be dodged.

Phase 3

The Sphinx will shoot different fireballs at the nearest player. She alternates between firing pairs, shotguns, and radial bursts of the fireballs. They hit fairly hard at 120 base damage, so take caution to avoid them.

Her Horrid Reapers follow their own pattern, are invulnerable, and will disappear when she has 15% HP left, signalled by a taunting alternation of A and O.


Spawns :
Horrid ReaperHorrid Reaper

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Tips and Strategies

An effective method to fight with priest is to get at least a wand of death (Tier 8 ), tome of renewing (Tier 4 ), Robe of the master(Tier 9) and a paramount ring (Tier 4 ). With priest’s healing ability and long range shots, its actually easy. Just dodge the attack from sphinx and a few from horrid reapers.Don’t waste your mp by only healing from 100-199. always try to heal from 200 and onward. Keep on shooting towards the sphinx while dodging and you might get the loot!

When fighting with warrior, using Helm Of The Juggernaut is the most effective tactic. Boost during her large fireball stage, and you can deal massive damage without taking very much in return. For her small fireball phase, you can simple go as deep as you want, as the small fireball’s lackluster damage when you have maxed defense is negligible. In her third phase, simply strafe around her like any other class would, dodging the “Z’s”. You generally can ignore the reapers at all times, unless there are several stacked in their chase stage, firing heavy black shots as they can still chip away at your health bar.

As a maxed wizard, you can maneuver between her shots(it is advisable to run backwards, too) and you shouldn’t worry too much about the Horrid Reapers, as long as you aren’t standing right in front of them.
If you are an unmaxed wizard, you can hide behind some walls(part of the terrain) near her and spell bomb her when she is vulnerable(if she is flashing, that means that she is invulnerable; if she’s not, then she is vulnerable). Tag along behind the maxed guys and avoid the Horrid Reaper shots.

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