Gray Blob

Last updated: 15.0.0
Gray Blob

The Gray Blob is an enemy that is found in the Midlands plains.
They are the bane of newer players everywhere for their high speed and suicidal attack that will more often than not instantly kill someone with low health and 0 DEF.



HP: 25
DEF: 0
EXP: 3
Location: Mid Plains

Levitates off of Ground

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Red Fire
Shots: 12


  • Wander Speed: 2
  • Charge Speed: 20
  • Min. Height: 70
  • Self-terminates
  • Explode Range: 2

Spawns in groups of 5-12

  • Mean: 7
  • Std. Deviation: 2

These suicidal creatures run up to you and blow themselves up, releasing a ring of fireballs. They are very fast and give you very little time to react.


Does not reproduce

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Tips and Strategies

Gray Blobs are widely feared across the midlands by low level characters for their lethal suicide attack. When they detect you, they fling themselves at your position and explode when close enough. Standing on this with 0 DEF and less than 300 HP will be your end.

Thankfully, they are very fragile and will die to just about anything. Their speed tends to make this hard to react on though. So always keep your wits when travelling the midland plains. Always be prepared to dodge or nexus at a moments notice.

If you manage to kill them, they have a chance to drop the rare Magic Mushroom.

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