Greater Potion of Wisdom

Greater Potion of Wisdom A potion that permanently increases wisdom by 2.

Effect on use: +2 maximum WIS

Consumed with use

Feed Power: 200

Loot Bag Assigned to Blue Bag
Drops From Heroic Septavius the Ghost God
Crystal Worm Mother
Crystal Entity
Epic Quest Chests
Son of Arachna
Twilight Archmage
Obtained Through Current offers on RealmEye’s trading pages
The Tinkerer (Potion Fusion quest)

The Greater Potion of Wisdom was originally introduced as a Tinkerer award during Month of the Mad God 2015. The Tinkerer requested one random UT item in exchange the potion. Due to negative feedback (one could potentially need a very rare UT, like the Dirk of Cronus), this was quickly removed. The potion could still be obtainable from trading, although most players would sell it for much more than the 2 WIS it provides due to its rarity.
The Tinkerer quest was later re-added (along with the quests for other greater stat potions), now requiring 3 regular Potions of Wisdom for the trade-in.

As of Patch X.31.6.0, the Greater Potion of Wisdom can be obtained in the Heroic Undead Lair.