Greedsnatcher Trap

Greedsnatcher Trap A seemingly harmless present that actually contains a magical hyperspace pocket stuffed to the brim with explosives and shrapnel. Sprite Credits: Dappertron

Reskin of Giantcatcher Trap

Tier: UT (Limited)
MP Cost: 105
Arming Duration: 1 second
Effective Duration: 20 seconds
Trigger Radius: 3.25 squares
Damaging Radius: 6.5 squares
Damage: 350
Effects: Slowed for 6 seconds
Stat Bonus: +2 VIT, +2 WIS, +3 ATK
Fame Bonus: 4%
Feed Power: 380

Loot Bag Assigned to Cyan Bag
Drops From Oryx the Mad God 2
Frozen Ship
Hat God
Ice Cube God
Obtained From Oryxmas Mystery Ability
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Although not an ST item in its own right, this item is classed as Oryxmas Gear, and, if worn in conjuntion with Ornaments of Unity, will contribute to the Oryxmas Miracle Set bonus stats.