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Last updated: X20.1

The Grinch is a rare enemy that has a chance to appear whenever certain dungeon bosses are killed during Oryxmas 2017.



Base HP: 5,000 (+20% [1,000 HP] per player in dungeon)
DEF: 50
EXP: 20
Location: Puppet Master’s Theatre, Undead Lair, Parasite Chambers, Snake Pit, Toxic Sewers, Abyss of Demons and Mad Lab as a Test Chest.

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun
Immune to Paralyze

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Xmas Shockwave
Slowed for 1.5s
Oryx Horde Shiny Orb
Stunned for 3.5s
Elemental missiles
Quiet for 3.5s


When a dungeon boss in the Grinch’s dungeon pool is killed, there is a small chance that a Chest will appear. However, the chest will soon transform into the Grinch, who will taunt:
“I hope you don’t mind me taking this chest!”
He will then begin running around erratically and quickly. Once he takes damage, he will taunt:
“Well well well, it seems you leave me no choice but to harm you!”

The Grinch will then begin his attack. While all of his attacks deal virtually no damage, they inflict debuffs that are detrimental to chasing him around or securing damage on him. He will be dashing all over the place, firing pairs of white Stunning orbs, shotguns of red Slowing waves, and single aimed Quieting missiles.

Once he takes a substantial amount of damage, he will taunt:
“Enough of this! Time to escape!”
He will then become invulnerable and begin opening a multicolored portal, taunting:
“I’ll have this portal open in a jiffy!”

The Grinch will then become vulnerable again and start to run erratically around the portal without attacking as it opens. You will then have 10 seconds to kill the Grinch, otherwise he will escape through the portal and nobody will get any of his loot, screaming “Goodbye and thanks for the loot!” in the process. He will taunt every second to count down how many seconds you have left to kill him.

Once he is brought to low enough HP, the Grinch will taunt “Nooo!” and self-terminate, leaving your loot in tow.


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Tips and Strategies

  • He can’t really hurt you, so just avoid his status shots and shoot at him. He is vulnerable to Slow, so classes like Archer and Huntress can slow him down to allow players to fire at him.
  • Try to avoid the stunned shots if you want to get shot damage in to kill him before he disappears. For classes such as wizards who rely on mp-based attacks, try not to get hit with quiet.

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