Guild Hall

Last updated: Release X.31.1.0
Guild Hall Portal

The Guild Hall is a location accessible to any player who has joined a Guild. It can be accessed from the lower part of the Nexus spawn site, directly left of the Vault portal.

In the Guild Hall, there are a few important locations:

  • Guild Chronicle: From here, you can view the current members of the guild, and the guild fame they have each contributed. The Founder, Leaders, and Officers can promote, demote, or discharge members of lesser rank.
  • Guild Hall Upgrade: This is where the Founder and Leaders can spend guild fame to upgrade the hall.
  • Guild Board: This board, which can be edited by the Founder, Leaders, and Officers, contains a large text field which can be viewed by any member.

Starting in Build 27.7.X.14, all Guild Halls have an in-game assisting NPC called Guill.

Guild Upgrades

The guild Founder or Leaders can spend guild fame to upgrade the Guild Hall at the table next to the guild chronicle. Each successive upgrade will increase the size of the Guild Hall and add additional cosmetic features, such as rugs, weapon racks, tables, etc. The first upgrade costs 10,000 guild fame, the second costs 100,000 guild fame, and the final upgrade costs 250,000 guild fame.