Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
This includes most character stats and exaltations.
Services based on such data are not updated.


Last updated: Release 27.7.X14

Guill is a friendly NPC found in the Guild Hall. He was previously employed as the Nexus Crier.

Guill flashes green after every command. You cannot chain another command before he flashes green, so treat it like a cooldown.

Guill responds to commands being typed into chat, items being used in his presence and dungeon portals being opened.

The Realm Eye says:
The man known as Guillermo is one whom I have studied closely, yet his ways still puzzle me. Though I sense no evil in his heart, he speaks of things even I am not aware of.
The beings he mentions are intruiging yet troubling. He very well could very well just be soft in the head, but perhaps he considerbly wiser then he looks. In either case I would suggest some caution. If what he speaks is true, it is of great concern.


Sure, I’ve got some.
Sure thing!
Running low?
Need to refill your potions?
Need help with potions?
Here! / Take this! / There! / Here you go!
That should last a while!
Throws a small test chest which drops 4 health and magic potions upon death. Occasionally throws 8.
Arguably one of the most useful commands. Has a cooldown of ~30 seconds. Bolded text is always said. Occasionally, Guill may acknowledge this command (not the cooldown dialogue) but still not spawn a chest. This can be solved by waiting a few seconds after entering the Guild Hall before saying the command, because entities in the game do not see players for a few seconds after they enter a map.
But I just gave you some!
Hey, I’m not made of these!
Give me a little bit, will you?
I can’t do that right now.
This is only triggered on cooldown.
Welcome back, master(s)!
Hello there!
Hello, hope you are having a great day!
Good day, master(s)!
Good day everyone!
Quotes depends of the number of people present in the guild hall.
How are you?
Just dandy!
I’m great!
Thank you for asking, I’m well!
Quite well, thank you!
Alright, see you in a moment!
Don’t worry, I’ll be here.
Missing you already!
OK, don’t take too long!
Of course!
Why not?
Where are we going?
My pleasure.
On it.
Sure thing!
Follows the player for 5 seconds
One moment…
Yopp! / Hepp! / Nothing
Good landing. / 10/10.
Throws himself on the player
If you do this while invisible, he will disappear. Has a cooldown of ~5 seconds.
Let me catch my breath, will you?
Give me a little bit, will you?
Only triggered during cooldown.
Check this out, I call it the “Rubberbandit”!
Phew, that was a workout!
Moves around as if the player was lagging (“rubberbanding”)
Says first line, dances, then says second line.
He is a nice guy, sometimes it seems like he is really stressed out though.
Of course I’ll help!
That is what I’m here for!
Deca Games is the current owner of Realm of the Mad God! It acquired it in July 2016.
Kabam is the previous owner of Realm of the Mad God. It acquired it along with Wild Shadow Studios in June 2012.
Wild Shadow
Founded by Rob and Alex, Wild Shadow Studios is the original owner of Realm of the Mad God.
Rob and Alex are the original founders of Wild Shadow Studios. They created Realm of the Mad God back in 2009!
Willem joined Wild Shadow Studios in November 2011 and remained a designer and artist for Realm of the Mad God until June 2013
Spry Fox
Spry Fox joined the development as consultant in Summer 2010.
Amit, also known as redblobgames, helped Rob and Alex in the early development stages as a consultant and creator of tools.
Helpful little fellow. He will be dearly missed.
Realm of the Mad God launched first on web on January 10, 2010.
Realm of the Mad God launched on Kongregate on October 31, 2011.
Realm of the Mad God launched on Steam on February 20, 2012.
You want to hear my Oryx impression?
H-how was that?
Did you like it?
Plays Oryx death audio.
Says all dialogue in a sequence.
If I do it too often my vocal cords will shatter!
I can’t do that right now.
Give me a little bit, will you?
But you already just heard my impression!
Only triggered on cooldown.
Who are you?
Nexus crier
My name is Guill. I’m always here if you need me!
You might remember me as the Nexus Crier.
Well, I take care of your Guild Hall now!
Actually, it’s Guillermo, but everyone calls me Guill for short!
Says 1st line, and then line 2 and 3. Occasionaly adds line 4.
You can get your own pet by hatching eggs in your pet yard! Eggs drop in the mountain areas and other places. Talk to the caretaker in your pet yard for more information!
All dialogue is said at once.
Why not?
Because we can.
Why what?
That IS the question, isn’t it?
That’s what they all ask.
Aye-aye, Captain!
Yes, this is your guild!
What the Flayer?
Who tries flying? I certainly don’t. Well, not anymore.
What do you look so baffled about?
What’s the matter?
What is your favorite color?
I’m not picky, but I do like brown. Guess that’s not a surprise!
All of them!
I like all colors, actually.
King Alexander
Ah, so you’ve met Thessal.
I think she needs to hear that he is still alive.
Also something about reigning and conquering the world!
Says 1st line, then line 2 then 3.
He lives and reigns and conquers the world.
Uh, yeah, something like that.
Who does ? Oh, I know…
Says 1st line if you had asked him about king Alexander previously and second if not.
One of my favorite colors!
Yes, that is a color.
One of my favorite colors! Or rather absence thereof?
Yes, that is a color. Or is it?
Oh, you’ll love this one!
Oh, I know a good one!
Alright, let’s see if I remember this one correctly…
Welp, I forgot.
Eh, I forgot.
Never mind, I can’t remember.
Joke not found due to a Keycoding Misformat.
Except for the “Joke not found” he seems to pick randomly a combination of a first sentence with a second.
Open sesame
I think you might be in the wrong spot.
Well, that didn’t do anything. Try again!
No sesame here. Should I start planting some?
I don’t think there is anything hidden around here.
When this is said too far away from the secret passage location.
Heck yeah, who doesn’t love fat loot?
Loot? Fat loot is the best.
Experience, or EXP for short, is earned by defeating enemies.
You gain EXP by killing oryx’s minions! This will let you level up and get stronger.
You earn fame by accumulating EXP! This is known as base fame. Account fame on the other hand is earned when you die.
The premium currency you can use to buy awesome stuff with!
I’m helping!
Here you go!
Wait, you know you can do that in the Nexus, right?
Hold on, why don’t you just use the fountains outside?
Haha well, I only dabble in healing spells
Says one line from first group, then one line from the second.
You have 8 stats! Life, mana, attack, defense, speed, dexterity, wisdom and vitality. You can increase you stats by defeating enemies in the mountains, then drinking potions they drop! If your stats turn gold, it means that it is maxed!
baa baa
Random class
Hm, a random class? What about…
[random class]
Chooses a random class to say
The mountain area, often referred to as Godlands, is where you find the toughest enemies in the realm! They are usually located near the center of a realm.

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Creates a smaller brown Hearticle effect on himself.
Pet Rock
A pet rock! Don’t forget to feed it!
Haha, you guys should start a rock zoo.
Only says the “rock zoo” line if there are multiple rocks in the room at once.
Valentine Launcher
Beach Ball
Nice throw!

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Initial Dialogue
Later Dialogue
Pirate Cave
Dreadstump’s crew is heavily armed!
Did you know you can find Pirate Rum in there?
For a pirate king he doesn’t seem all that powerful.
Yo ho ho and a bottle of Pirate Rum!
Forest Maze
You can find plants in there that make you go really fast!
Watch out for the Megamoth’s confuse attacks!
Using your own dust to attack doesn’t seem very effective.
How are those squirrels so big? It drives me nuts!
Those squirrels aren’t particularly protective of their nuts, are they?
Spider Den
When Queen Arachna spins her net you will be slowed down!
The Healing Ichor isn’t especially tasty, but more potent than regular Health Potions!
What’s with all those Golden Daggers?
Hey, I hear you can find things other than daggers in there now!
Snake Pit
Watch out for Stheno’s winged pets,t hey will slow you down!
Look for treasure rooms, they can nbe east or west of regular rooms!
Use the Snake Oil to heal your party!
Snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?
For a powerful Medusa, she doesn’t seem to use their signature Petrify move a lot…
Don’t let Stheno stab you to death, it’s not good for you.
Forbidden Jungle
Use the Pollen Powder to restore MP for your party!
You will see things that aren’t there if you’re not careful around the Shamans!
Don’t you just hate it when those Basilisks keep hiding in the jungle?
The Hive
Honey is sticky and will slow you down!
Watch out for the Queen’s Daze attacks!
I can not beelieve how beeautiful it looks inside!
Honey is beelicious!
I hope one of these bees doesn’t decide to sue humanity one day.
How hard can it bee… dssss?
Magic Woods
There are a lot of different types of fairies in there, watch out for the variety of attacks!
Don’t go charging into a new room recklessly! They’ll swarm you quickly if you aren’t careful.
Apparently a legendary guild once used these woods as a meeting groud. You don’t think…?
Do you think this is where the Swoll Fairies in the Candyland come from?
Sprite World
The regular Sprites don’t hurt much, but watch out for the Gods and Limon!
Limon does not like being paralyzed!
Don’t worry, you can’t actually fall down the edges!
Don’t you just love getting slowed on the moving tiles?
What are those “trees” made of, anyway?
Candyland Hunting Grounds
Defeat the leaders to make more bosses spawn!
All enemies in there will keep reappearing.
Try not to stay in there for too long if you like being sane.
Weee want candy!
Do the Peppermint Twist!
Ancient Ruins
Watch out for those cacti! If you break one, you’ll likely set the others off!
Those giant monoliths will heal other enemies! Either take them out first or bring the enemies away from it!
The longer you keep pushing the Sandstone Titan for, the weaker and weaker it’ll become!
The Genie will fight you different depending on what kind of room you find him in!
Is it just me, or does powering golems with spirits sound awfully familiar?
Why does quicksand have quick in the name if it acts so slowly?
I heard that Genies are actually excellent singers. Though some people just didn’t like their role.
Cave of a Thousand Treasures
Something is not right about those treasure chests.
Watch out for all those traps!
And don’t forget your hat and whip!
More like Cave of a Thousand Traps, right?
Haunted Cemetery
The Grave Caretaker’s Forgotten Souls are dangerous without enough defense!
The more you move around in the Final Battle, the more Blue Zombies will arise!
There are five stages! The Proving Grounds, the Gates, the Crypt, the Graves, and the Final Rest.
Skuld is a master of the undead and has revived many of Oryx’ faithful minions.
You should totally try standing still for the Graves’ second wave! Just kidding, don’t actually do that!
Ah, the Amulet of Dispersion. A once powerful artifact. So many memories.
All sorts of spooky in here!
Undead Lair
Don’t get too close to Septavius!
Don’t be too hasty, there could be a trap around every corner!
These Vampires are dangerous and not glittery at all!
Of course, the undead carry a lot of wisdom…
Abyss of Demons
You can take out Malphas’ White Demon guards easily, carefully sneak around the room!
Demon Mages’ attacks are slow, but strong!
Look for treasure rooms, they can only be found to the north of regular rooms!
Malphas really has a knack for misleading paths in his domain!
Manor of the Immortals
The bats will confuse you, and there are a lot of them!
A good place to practice how to deal with confusion!
Lord Ruthven steals your life when he hits you!
There is an odd breeze near some of those bookshelves.
Why are the Nosferatus hiding inside the center shelves?
How did Lord Ruthven get hold of all those things that supposedly harm vampires, anyway?
Lord Ruthven can’t be a real vampire, he doesn’t even sparkle!
Puppet Master's Theater
Watch out for those Archer Puppets, they paralyze you.
The real Puppet Master is usually in the center!
Knight puppets will break your armor!
Will the real Puppet Master please stand up?
I love the theater! To be or not to be…
Toxic Sewers
Wading through sewage can’t be good for your health!
Gulpord gets very dangerous in his last phase, avoid the slowing attacks!
One time, I saw a Golden Rat, but it ran away really fast!
Do you really want to go in there? Don’tn forget your nose clamps.
The Sewers? Phew, make sure to use some Holy Water afterwards.
I hear Gulpord is especially smelly during the summer.
Come on get down the sickness!
I hear a wise rodent lives down there. By the way, do you smell Pizza?
Who knew Cloaks are basically hazmat suits?
Cursed Library
Avalon is shifty! Try to get ahead of him rather than trailing behind.
Lord Ruthven’s corruption has had that library in its grasp for many years. Good luck taking it back!
Those students are aggressive, so be cautious when rounding corners!
What’s all this talk about a Realm Eye? Hmph, sounds like a cheap knockoff if you ask me.
You better not go talking to any chatty eyeballs. I have all the tips you need!
So much knowledge was lost in the depths of that place. Information on dungeons, monsters, weapons, and more…
The Glitch
Huh, that name doesn’t ring a bell.
I wonder what goes on in there?
Be careful in there, whatever that place is!
I don’t think you should tamper with that portal, it seems like a pretty important place!
Mad Lab
I wonder what happens if you destroy every single Tesla Coil.
Watch out for Dr. Terrible’s Green Potions!
The green liquid transforms you into harmless pets! Blue liquid turns you back.
The boss of this dungeon is as terrible as this pun!
I don’t know why Oryx is allowing Dr. Terrible to do these horrendous experiments.
You must defead the mad scientist. For… science?!
A great Wizard once succumbed to one of Dr. Terrible’s Green Potions.
Parasite Chambers
Watch your step, explosives can be your best friends but also your worst enemies!
It seems like the Nightmare Colony draws energy from other colonies…
As if they weren’t horrifying enough already, blockades don’t hold these creatures back!
Phew am I glad I don’t have to go in there… I mean, uh, good luck!
Where did they even come from? And Oryx is just okay with this?!
Man is the warmest place to hide.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
What the heck is that? Looks like the ground there is alive.
It’s party time!
Mixcoatl’s brother is always up for a good time.
Seriously, get in before you miss out on delicious cocktails!
Wish I could come, but I’ve got a job to do!
Davy Jones' Locker
Turn on the lanterns to weaken the Ghost Pirate!
Find all keys to open the way to Davy Jones!
Keep your distance from the lanterns, since they can paralyze you!
I hope there are no smelly socks in this one.
I ‘ve got a jar of dirt! And guess what’s inside it!
Mountain Temple
Watch out for those archers! They can paralyze and put you into a sticky situation very quickly.
Watch out for Xil’s powerful triple attacks!
Don’t get distracted by the beautiful gardens! Enemies might hide in the bushes!
Why is he climbing a mountain? To hug the mountain.
This doesn’t seem like the full story of Daichi just yet!
Order 66? Now where have I heard that before…
Not particularly peaceful, but definitely beautiful!
Deadwater Docks
Jon’s parrots heal him, watch out!
Dreadstump and his crew have nothing on this guy!
Beware of the new Pirate King’s cannon barrage!
Do what you want ‘cause a pirate drops loot!
One king? Two kings? Oh, my medication!
Why is the rum gone?
The Crawling Depths
Remember Arachna? Her son is not to be trifled with!
It seems like Arachna’s Son draws power from those four eggs.
It’s safer if you hug the walls and clear the eggs first!
Better put on the Spider Dance for this!
Wonder where he got those looks from, certainly not his mother?
Woodland Labyrinth
The Megamoth is very pretty, but also very deadly.
The boss evolves! Watch out for the final swarm of Mini Larvae!
Even the flora here wants you dead. Be careful.
Those Mecha Squirrels are massive and dangerous!
I hear people sometimes use the puke water to make art. Gross.
I too want to become a beautiful butterfly one day.
Ocean Trench
Beware of Thessal’s Armor Break thunder attacks!
Keep moving to avoid Coral Bombs!
Stand on the bubbling vents to restore your breath!
Fishman Warriors are tough and wear heavy armor!
Watch out for those Sea Mares and their Paralyze attacks.

How come pets don’t drown?
This is where I collect the ink for the guild board!
Give these people air!
Ice Cave
You must defeat the big Yetis, Scorpions, Lizards, and Bats!
The ground is slippery!
Let it go, let it gooo… please end me.
Poor Esben. Try to make it quick.
Lair of Draconis
The Altar of Draconis may decide your next fight for you, pretty shady if you ask me
The tougher the dragon, the higher chance you have to obtain some loot!
The order you defeat the dragons will strengthen the ones thereafter in a different way. Think before you shoot!
It’s a lot more quiet in there now that no one is shouting colors anymore.
The elements will destroy you! If you’re not careful.
Who made those statues? They are very intricate. Hey do you want me to make some for you?
Tomb of the Ancients
Watch out for Nut when she gets mad!
The Ancients only start attacking when they have been damaged!
I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere!
Just can’t get enough of that sweet, sweet vandalism can you?
Vandalizing ancient tombs again are we?
Hurr durr, look at me I’m a Tomb Ancient!*
*Guill orbits the portal.
Fungal Cavern
The cavern is populated by different mushroom tribes, being able to discern which is which is key to survival!
By collecting crystals for the Steamhammer’s Mining Co. you’ll get a chance to get some worthy treasure!
Even the deeper parts of the mines are still filled with crystals! Keep your eyes peeled.
The crystal guardians of the depths are even more powerful than the mushroom tribes. Be alert, their attacks tend to do some crazy things!
Whatever you do, don’t use those pickaxes to dig right under you!
You should explore one of those under the effect of a Magic Mushroom!
Did you know that a baguette is also a style of gem cut? True fact! I’m partial to the bread version, myself.
You’d think the dwarves would just take the crystals lining the walls, but NOOOO, they just had to disturb an evil crystal demigod.
The Nest
Watch out for the Confuse and Armor Break from Large Red Bees!
Large Blue Bees can Quiet and Weaken you!
Large Yellow Bees can Paralyze and Daze you!
Argh, the situation has only been made worse with the addition of yet more bees!
Oh, no! Not the bees! NOT THE BEES!
The Shatters
Don’t stand on the Stone Paladins!
All ice mages can be paralyzed and all fire mages can be stunned!
Try to focus on the Titanums and Obelisks rather than their minions!
Slowly inch towards mages if you don’t want to draw the entire group’s attention!
I hear there is a secret switch somewhere, which you cannot access by foot!
Watch out for the small cyan Ice Spheres, summoned by the Ice Mages!
Be careful in there! Ice Adepts can confuse you and are very mean in general.
Oh, going alone are you? Best of luck!*
Wait you’re soloing this? Good luck!*
Are you sure you don’t want to bring some friends?*
Why does the bridge always take so long?!
A legendary Archer once perished at the hands of an Ice Adept.
*Only said when portal is opened alone.
Lost Halls
Be on guard, that place holds an evil like no other.
Try to take out small vermin like bats and rats first! They may not be deadly on their own, but they can cause risky situations if you get ambushed.
Rumors say a restless spirit haunts those halls to keep people away from a secret weapon. Get a picture for me, will you?
The crusaders are certainly a force to be reckoned with, pay attention to them as they’ll charge at you with all their might!*
Watch out for all the traps in there! I’ve even heard some rooms are flooded!*
Uh, you sure about that? I’d consider calling some friends first if I were you.**
As your sworn caretaker, I must seriously insist that you do not enter alone. Please think twice about this.**
You’re planning to solo this? Hold on, let me just grab your last will and testament real quick.**
I can only imagine the horrific stories those trapped spirits within the golems could tell.
Watch out, some of Oryx’s elite militia are still in there as well.
Does the floor ever sound hollow to you?
I’ve head[sic] you can find some marbleous rocks in there! Would you mind picking one up for me?
Those poor crusaders, cursed to an eternity of hopeless wandering.
Grotto Slimes smell bad.
*Added in Release X.26.0.0 with the dungeon rework
**Only said when portal is opened alone.
It seems that if you’re too slow to dispatch the locals, they won’t even consider you a big enough threat to send more units.
Aliens use their advanced warp technology to send in dangerous creatures on command. Be on your guard!
So, uh, do you… do you think any of the aliens are edible? Look, all I’m saying is they might have a really exotic taste. Don’t look at me like that!
The bark of those trees in Malogia has totally different properties compared to conventional wood. Mind getting some samples for me?
Untaris was fractured eons ago, leaving much of the surface impossible to navigate. Use those smaller wormholes or you won’t be getting anywhere!
Try not to get too disoriented with all that rapid teleportation!
It certainly lives up to the name of being a WORMhole!
Do you think it’s possible to drink bubblars? The flavor might go well with- actually, never mind.
The tides of Forax constantly flulctuate, so keep track of the water level if you don’t want a nasty surprise!
The acid rivers aren’t just destructive, they’re surprisingly viscous too! Try to avoid navigating through them unless you really need to.
I hope you know how to swim! And, you know, survive highly corrosive acid that dissolves your bones.
Apparently Forax is home to an elusive lifeform called a Bermugulan Slagvork. I hear they’re pretty slow, though, so you shouldn’t need to worry.
It seems the artificial organisms inhabiting that planet get more resistant when shrouded in gas.
Katalund is covered with highly toxic gas. Luckily there’s an air pocket for you to breathe in, but it’s always shifting!
Thankfully Oryx has no control of this place, otherwise I’m sure he’d make a robot in his own image!
I have a feeling they don’t often build sand castles over there!
Lair of Shaitan
He will try to grab and paralyze you!
His little hands are not a big threat, but don’t let them pile up!
Does he not know it’s rude to touch people without their consent?
He used to look quite different. Must be a new barber.
Puppet Master's Encore
The red Puppet of Pain will drain your health with Bleeding attacks!
The purple Puppet of Chaos goes insanely fast if you damage it a lot.
Looks like the Puppet Master is not done just yet!
So this is where he works on his unsettling creations.
Cnidarian Reef
Gold Cnidarians never use their toxins, but they can move very quickly, especially when threatened!
Green Cnidarian toxins can make you feel really lethargic and slow.
Be careful around Pink Cnidarians! They have toxins that really hurt.
The Blue Cnidarians use disgusting toxins that make most people sick to their stomachs.
If you get too close to the Royal Cnidarian, it’ll use its stinger to keep you in place. Watch out!
How do you even pronounce it, anyway? Knee-dare-ee-in?
It really stings that I have to stay here…
Secluded Thicket
Tezcacoatl’s minions are smart! Don’t let their coordination get the best of you!
El Dorado summons random tribesmen that cause secondary attacks to occur in the next phase. Pay attention to which masks spawn!
Xolotl’s lightning attacks are devastating to even the strongest of Knights. Avoid them at all costs!
At least Tezcacoatl has the decency to not hide in the trees like his relatives.
Janus called, he wants his disco lights back from El Dorado.
Speed of lightning, roar of rhunder…
I must say, Xolotl’s attacks are positively SHOCKING!
Battle for the Nexus
These bosses might be familiar to you!
Watch out when the wall opens for Oryx in the end!
Remember remember the 6th of September.
Belladonna's Garden
This lovely flower is not your friend.
Watch out for the growing vines on the floor, eventually dangerous flowers will blossom!
Throwing a leaf seems to work well if you’re a magical flower.
I wonder how nutritious humans really are…
Ice Tomb
Tomb Ancients on slippery ice are really dangerous!
Get your slowflakes!

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On rare occasion, either by a low chance after saying “Craig” or randomly as an idle animation after inactivity, Craig can appear through a portal and initiate a short conversation with Guill. The dialogue always happens in the same order, but the exact lines they say are randomized. The conversation can occur as any of the following combinations.

He is a nice g-
Wait a minute…
Wait, what’s this?
Craig’s portal opens.
Guill is cut off if the event is triggered by the command. If it begins as a result of being idle, one of the other two plays.
Oh, hey Craig!
Hi, Craig.
Oh hi, Craig.
Speak of the devil!
Oh, speak of the devil!
Craig appears.
The last two lines can only happen if the event was triggered by the command, since they would only make sense in context.
Aw jeez, where am I now.
Whoops, wrong one.
Wait, this is not…
Huh, that’s odd.
Hey guys, don’t mind me! Wrong portal.
Hi, must have mixed up the portals again.
Hey Guill, I must’ve picked the wrong portal again.
Hello Guill, remind me to label the portals.
Alright, gotta go.
See you around!
See you guys later.
Craig exits and the portal disappears.
Haha, he does that sometimes.
Alrighty then!
Let’s not tell Oryx about that, haha.
He needs to take more breaks if you ask me.

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When a weapon, armor, ring, or ability is dropped in a public brown bag, Guill will say one of the following-
-For meeee?
-Did you bring me something?!
-Ohh, is that for mee?!
When it is picked up, he says-
-Oh, guess not.
-Never mind.

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Disabled Commands

The following commands have been disabled after new content releases made them outdated.

Hot spring(s)
The pathway is hidden somewhere outside the Nexus!
I thought I saw you there!
Sorry, I’m not very talkative when I’m over there relaxing!
An amazing place, very relaxing.
Disabled in Release X.15.1.0 hotfix after the Spring Nexus was replaced
Epic Hive
Are you scared of bees? Imagine what it would be like if they were twice our size…
I hear Oryx is reaching out to yet more insect kingdoms.
Beeware of the new queen!
Disabled in Release X.15.1.0 hotfix after The Nest was released.
Lost Halls (Original)
Different enemies prioritize their attacks towards specific classes. be wary and use it to your advantage!
I hear the Crusade Shipwrights tend to attack ranged and healing classes.
Lines refer to class targeting by certain enemies, which were removed during the Lost Halls rework in Release X.26.0.0.
Goblin Lair
You have no idea what awaits you…
Lost Halls
I hear Oryx sent out his minions to discover the entrance to the ancient halls…
Are you a real adventurer or will you get lost?
Lair of Draconis
Choose Black first and there might be additional rewards. But it will be a lot tougher!
Challenging the black dragon first will make the other dragons more powerful, but also more rewarding!
The elements will destroy you! If you’re not careful.
Haunted Cemetery
There are four stages! The Entrance, the Gates, the Graves and the Final Battle.
Halloween Haunted Cemetery
Happy Halloween!
Trick or Treat?
Good luck with the candy!
Get your candy!

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  • “And don’t forget your hat and whip!” (Cave of a Thousand Treasures) references Indiana Jones.
  • “Lord Ruthven can’t be a real vampire, he doesn’t even sparkle!” (Manor of the Immortals) references the vampire Edward Cullens from Twilight.
  • “A great Wizard once succumbed to one of Dr. Terrible’s Green Potions.” (Mad Lab) refers to an 8/8 wizard of the RotMG player KuroJam, who died to a Green Potion with 65,545 base fame (201,051 total fame).
  • “Why is the rum gone?” (Deadwater Docks) refers to the fact that none of the enemies in the dungeon drop Pirate Rum, unlike the original Pirate Cave. The line references a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.
  • “Let it go, let it gooo… please end me.” (Ice Cave) references the song Let It Go from the movie Frozen.
  • “A legendary Archer once perished at the hands of an Ice Adept.” (The Shatters) refers to an 8/8 archer of the RotMG Player Gogoasafur, who died to an Ice Adept with 182,232 total fame.
  • “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere!” (Tomb of the Ancients) refers to Anakin’s monologue in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.
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