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Gulpord the Slime God

Last updated: 27.7.X6
Gulpord the Slime God

Gulpord the Slime God is the boss of the Toxic Sewers.

The Realm Eye says:
The magic residue of the countless spells cast throughout the realm has seeped into the ground over time, often penetrating deep enough to fall into the sewers.
This indeterminable mixture of various forms of magic combined inside the putrid sewer sludge, granting sentience to an unholy abomination.
The Slime Gods of the realm originate from the same mire as Gulpord, but have turned brown from picking up other filth as they shamble around.



HP: 20,000 (+20% [4,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 25
EXP: 2,000
Location: Toxic Sewers

Immune to Stasis
Immune to Stun (chase phase only)
Immune to Paralysis (chase phase only)
Counts toward God Kills
Level 1 Quest

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Poison Fireball 70 8.5 14.45
Red Star 30 Armor Broken for 2.5s 5 8.75
Green Star 30 Slowed for 3s 5 10
Green Star 30 Slowed for 1.5s 5 12


Intact Phase:
Gulpord the Slime God will periodically fire omnidirectional bursts of armor breaking stars and 5-directional streams of double poison fireballs in a radial pattern. After about 10 seconds, he will start spraying poison fireballs everywhere as well as rings of armor break stars and aimed green slow stars. He will also go invulnerable from time to time.
After 10 seconds of that, Gulpord will go into his Minions Phase.

Minions Phase
Gulpord will spawn a group of Gulpord Slimes that shoot bombs at the player while Gulpord moves around the room randomly shooting a spread of 5 poison fireballs. Once about 12 seconds have passed, the minions will despawn and he will enter his Intact Phase again.

Upon reaching a certain amount of health, Gulpord the Slime God will stay still, become invincible, shrink and transition into the next phase.

Asteroids Phase
Gulpord the Slime God will split into two medium slimes that fire armor breaking stars in a radial pattern and fire shotguns of Poison Fireballs. Each medium slime will split into two small slimes, that each shoot shotguns of armor breaking stars and Poison Fireballs in a radial pattern. This phase goes on until all the small slimes have been killed.

Chase Phase
Gulpord will reform in the middle of the room. He will flash red once and then quickly go toward the nearest player while shooting green bullets in an oscillating pattern, plus aimed of red stars (armor broken) and rings of green stars (slow). He is invulnerable for the first few seconds of the phase and while reforming in the middle. Note that he is immune to both Paralyze and Stun during this phase.

This part is the scariest as if you have bad speed and get slowed, Gulpord will keep pummeling the player with green stars and maybe green bullets if they are close enough, chunking your health rapidly.


Boss MinionGulpord Slime
Gulpord the Slime God MGulpord the Slime God M
Which spawns:
Gulpord the Slime God SGulpord the Slime God S

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Tips and Strategies

  • In the first phase, he will not aim his shots at anyone. If the player stands in the right spot, they can avoid the armor breaking bullets, though they will still take some damage from the poison fireballs.

  • Kill the Slime Gods that surround him; they can become very dangerous when you are armor broken. If one has a mystic with them or are one themselves, they can be stasised and killed safely when Gulpord is switching phases. Also, they can be killed safely without activating Gulpord by staying in the surrounding sewer water, as Gulpord only activates once you step on the grate.

  • In the chase phase, he is invincible for a few seconds while firing armor breaks and slows. This can be fatal for even maxed knights, and the player should keep their distance until Gulpord’s invincibility wears off.

  • During this phase, he can also be lured behind the wall between the boss room and the entrance. Use this opportunity to use abilities such as poison, traps, and spells, making his last phase much easier.

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