Purple Gumball Purple Gumball: ATT↑ ATT boost (+6 ATT) for 20 seconds.
Blue Gumball Blue Gumball: DEF↑ DEF boost (+6 DEF) for 20 seconds.
Green Gumball Green Gumball: SPD↑ SPD boost (+8 SPD) for 20 seconds.
Yellow Gumball Yellow Gumball: DEX↑ DEX boost (+8 DEX) for 20 seconds.
Red Gumball Red Gumball: VIT↑ VIT boost (+10 VIT) for 20 seconds.

Every gumball’s description reads: “Gum that temporarily boosts your x”, where x is the full stat name.

Quick Slot Stack Limit: 6
Consumed with use

Feed Power: 25

Gumballs are dropped by Candy Gnomes and creatures in Candyland Hunting Grounds. They temporarily increase a stat by 6 to 10 (depending on the stat type) for 20 seconds, similar to tinctures and effusions.