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Hat God

Last updated: X.20.0
Hat God phase 1 Hat God phase 2

The Hat God is a Winter themed re-skin of the Hermit God that has been released as of Release X.20.0.



Base HP: 50,000 (+10% [5000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 35
EXP: 59
Location: Mountains, Highlands
Setpiece: Lake

Level 20 Quest
Immune to Stasis
Counts to God Kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Blind for 2.6s
Deep Sea Blast
Deep Sea Blast Yellow


Phase 1

8 Hat Tentacles will circle the pool of deep water that the Hat God is hidden in, the hat tentacles will chase players and fire bullets in a circular pattern if players get too close to them. Hat Minions will be present chasing players with paralyzing attacks.

Phase 2

Once all 8 Hat Tentacles are killed, the Hat God will rise from his pool, become vulnerable and attack players with a stream of blinding ink blobs. 8 Whirlpools will be spawned and will circle the Hat God, firing radial shots. More Hat Minions will be spawned on the shore as well.

Phase 3

The Hat God will shoot Octoblast bullets a couple of times along the cardinal and intermediate directions. This is followed by the Hat God’s eyes turning red and the boss firing several waves of Yellow Deep Sea Blasts at the nearest player before launching several omnidirectional waves of orange Deep Sea Blasts. Then the Hat God will sink into the water and phase 1 will repeat. Whirlpools will disappear and Hat Tentacles will be respawned at the start of this phase .


Hat MinionHat Minion

  • Max: 20

Hat God TentacleHat God Tentacle

  • Max: 8


  • Max: 8

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In addition to normal Hermit God Drops, also drops:

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Tips and Strategies

Warrior tips
Warrior is one of the best classes to do Hat God, and this event is recommended for obtaining the coveted Helm of the Juggernaut. (Knight can solo it too). With 40+ def, warrior can easy kill all Hat Minions and the Hat Tentacles, at Phase 2 & 3 don’t worry about whirlpools (if you have >42 def they only do 7 dmg) and shoot the Hat God, Crystal Sword is maybe the best sword to use at phase 2. At phase 3 to do heavier damage use a Skysplitter Sword OR Sword of Acclaim.

Knight tips
The knight can stun and keep stunning Hat God at phase 3, use a Tier 4+ shield or snake skin if you don’t have a Tier 4 shield. The knight can have +60 def if maxed so Hat Gods would be more easy soloing than warriors. Ogmurs are also useful, but the stun is vital if soloing to prevent accidental death caused by paralysis from the minions.

Note on loot
Hat God loot is a source of confusion for some players, because, the Hat God itself doesn’t drop loot, but rather, upon death, copies the SB record to the 8 Hat Tentacle Spawners which then drop whatever loot you are eligible for. Amusingly, this sometimes results in multiple bags containing your loot appearing around the Hat God Pool.
But, remember, only damage done to the Hat God will count for SB, hitting Hat Tentacles will not get you loot!

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