Haunted Cemetery Guide

Haunted Cemetery (Suggested Level:20)


This guide is outdated as of October 19th, when the Haunted Cemetary was changed

Haunted Cemetery PortalHaunted Cemetery PortalHaunted Cemetery PortalHaunted Cemetery PortalHaunted Cemetery Portal

How & Why to find a Haunted Cemetery


Headless Horseman

The Haunted Cemetery can only be dropped by the Headless Horseman. The Headless Horseman will randomly spawn in the godlands, and he can actually be somewhat difficult to kill.

If you need help fighting him you can simply call out “HORSE” (or some variant) and people will typically come running to help you out

Now the Headless Horseman has two attack patterns:

  1. He will run around in a huge circle shooting at anyone who is near him, this is the only phase where you can damage him though, so be sure to chase after him during to deal all the damage you can.
  2. He will stand still shooting in a 360 pattern while also aiming a more damaging shot at whoever is closest to him. You can’t damage him during this phase so just hide behind a rock and wait.


Wine Cellar IncantationCursed Amulet of ZombificationResurrected Warrior's ArmorPlague PoisonEtherite DaggerGhastly DrapeMantle of SkuldSpectral Ring of HorrorsPotion of SpeedPotion of WisdomPotion of Vitality

Serious loot can be found here. Round 1-3 bosses are guaranteed to drop a speed potion for someone, and the 4th boss is guaranteed to drop a vitality potion for someone. There is also the chance to find two of the most valuable untiered items in the game - Resurrected Warrior’s Armor and Plague Poison. You can also find the Rogue’s ST Set - Skuld 2 The Reghostening, here. In addition, you’ll be able to find T5 abilities, high tier weapons, and high-tier armor dropped regularly. Between all these possible drops, this dungeon is one of the easiest places to find some quick loot and is notably easier than many other sources of equally high-tiered drops. Recommended classes: Warrior, because of its high dps you can easily get soulbound loot and kill monsters quickly. Knight: because of its high defense it could easily ignore almost all attacks. Wizard: high dps and the spell could do lots of damage at enemies at the same time. Good class for beginners at this dungeon. Range dosen’t matter in this dungeon so classes with high dps are recommended.

Round 1, DING DING

Be warned every consecutive wave spawns more enemies then the last, so be sure you are prepared for the hoards that are to come. This round consists of 4 waves of angry minions. Here are the minions you will be facing:

  • Reanimated Remains
    Reanimated Remains
    Just a fancy name for a skeleton, these are very weak and easy to kill. They are also a melee type enemy so they are very inaccurate.
  • Forest Troll
    Forest Troll
    These are somewhat big monsters but they are just targets that walk, because they are slow moving and use melee, they will never land a hit on a careful player.
  • Troll Pathfinder
    Troll Pathfinder
    These are the only intimidating minions in round 1, they are big, they are fast, they are everywhere, and they inflict bleeding. If you want to make sure you aren’t hit by one of these guys, I suggest circling them or using a tree as temporary cover. (there is not always a tree to hide behind) There is always going to be a monster appearing at the top gate so that’s why lots of people shoot at it before it appears. But don’t do that because you will waste accuracy. Once they get to the last 2 stages, most people stop doing that and stay in the middle. Most of the time, there is going to be drop parties at the end of each boss. You might actually get really good stuff from the boss so try to deal as much damage you can.

Wave Monsters

  • Wave 1 consists of 6 Reanimated Remains
  • Wave 2 consists of 4 reanimated Remains and 2 Forest trolls
  • Wave 3 consists of 2 Forest Trolls and 2 Troll Pathfinders
  • Wave 4 consists of 5 Troll Pathfinders and 1 Forest Troll

Round 1 Boss

Troll Matriarch

This boss is a huge and intimidating looking fellow who is just not up to snuff. He may be big, but his attack is a 360 blast that doesn’t have enough range to really hit anyone, it also isn’t very damaging. This boss is just a tanker for tanking sake, he has a lot of health, but is no real threat. There is one thing you should watch out for though, he will drop magic mushrooms, like bombs, across the battle field. These mushrooms will explode if you get to close, but the longer they are on the battle field, the bigger they will get and the more damage they will deal. These mushrooms will also stay alive after the boss is dead, which can make picking up you reward much harder, so be careful of them. Shoot the mushrooms to get rid of them.

After getting some damage, if the boss isn’t dead yet, it will go invulnerable and start spawning minions. It will be invulnerable as long as there are minions on the field, so try killing the first minions fast or you will have few chances.

Round 2, Haunted Cemetery Gates

Be warned every consecutive wave spawns more enemies then the last, so be sure you are prepared for the hoards that are to come. This round consists of 4 waves of angry minions. Here are the minions you will be facing:

  • Apparition
    These are the dark blue ghosts, they do not turn invisible and only shoot one shot, their shot is very easy to damage, and you should kill these after killing Possessed Children, just so you have one less thing to shoot.
  • Haunting Spectre
    Haunting Spectre
    These are the light blue ghosts that turn invisible and are invincible while they are invisible. They can only damage you when visible, something to keep in mind. Another thing to keep in mind is that they shoot a 3-bullet shotgun, and that when they will turn invisible, they will quickly dash to the nearest player while firing. While a high-def player can ignore it, low-level or low-defense character might get surprised by this and get its health dropped quickly. When dealing with these, kill every type of monster except these. When this is the only monster left, fight them standing near the wall, as Spectre(s) love to waddle away from the player, sometimes into the woods. I like saving these for last so that everyone in the cemetery can shoot them up at once. If you are soloing, I recommend circling them. If not, then focus fire! These are kinda annoying because you keep missing them.
  • Possessed Child
    Possessed Child
    These enemies are pretty annoying, as if you don’t have maxed defense they can get you low on health quickly. I think this should be the first monsters you should attack so that you can save anyone who does not have high defense or save yourself. They are really quick and shoot high damage shots in 6 directions, they also love to charge players, do not try to circle them.

Wave Monsters

  • Wave 1 consists of 2 Apparitions and 2 Spectres
  • Wave 2 consists of 3 Haunting Spectres, 3 Apparitions
  • Wave 3 consists of 2 Haunting Spectres and 2 Possessed Children
  • Wave 4 consists of 2-4 Possessed Children, 2-3 Haunting Spectres

Round 2 Boss

Ghost Bride

This boss is a really cool and scary looking ghost bride. This boss will shoot in a short 360 pattern that most people don’t get hit by, but she will also throw butcher knives at players which deal a good amount of damage and inflicts the bleeding status effect. This combination can be enough to make a player need to run away in one hit. After you have done enough damage to her though, she will run into the statue to the left of you - Fate - and she will posses the statue and it will turn yellow. Fate will start chasing after you with its sword, and it has a pretty high amount of damage per hit. Any damage you do to the statue will not hurt the boss at all. Once you destroy the statue, she will reappear next to the other statue - Glory. Get some hits in again until she goes to posses the statue to her right. Glory will then turn red and start chasing you but it will shoot in a spin style of attack, meaning you will get hit much less often by it. Hurting this statue also does no damage to the boss, but once you destroy it, the ghost bride will reappear for the last time, where the statues started out, to be destroyed by you and your friends. Also if you have any friends who have low defense in here, I am really sure they will appreciate it if you kill the 2 Possessed Children which spawn at the beginning of the boss phase.

Round 3, Cemetery Graves (S: 1/8 Defense)

Be warned every consecutive wave spawns more enemies then the last, so be sure you are prepared for the hoards that are to come. Like previous rounds, this round consists of 4 waves of angry minions. Here are the minions you will be facing:

  • Risen Archer
    Risen Archer
    These archers shoot like a person who is switching between a Golden Bow and a Doom Bow constantly. They will shot a 3 shot which is colored exactly like a gbow shot, which does 75 damage per hit. Then they will shoot a one shot, which looks like a miniature doom bow arrow, which does 110 damage. After the amount of time it would take you to switch out your bows it goes to another shot, remember it is basically a copy of us, so know that these shots go through multiple players.
  • Risen Warrior
    Risen Warrior
    This monster is all melee and is slow with low dexterity, it won’t hurt you so long as you keep your distance.
  • Risen Brawler
    Risen Brawler
    This guy has a big head, but he can actually move around pretty well in cemetery, so he might actually get a melee hit or two on you, don’t underestimate these zombies. They do heavy damage especially to unmaxed characters, so KEEP KITING!
  • Risen Mage
    Risen Mage
    These enemies don’t spawn until the 3rd wave for a reason - they are healers. While they are shooting at you from a distance they are also healing every other monster on the battle field 175 per second. Make sure that these guys are your prime target as they are an incredible nuisance.

Wave Monsters

  • Wave 1 consists of 2 Warriors and 2 Brawlers
  • Wave 2 consists of 2 Warriors, 2 Brawlers, and 2 Archers
  • Wave 3 consists of 2 of everything, except for 3 Brawlers
  • Wave 4 consists of 3-4 of everything

Round 3 Boss (S: 2/8 Speed & Defense)

Grave Caretaker

This boss is basically the grave keeper. He is a big guy with a lantern - doesn’t sound all that intimidating, but his lantern spawns little spirits which you can hurt as they will suicide bomb you before you can kill them. This boss also loves to chase people down, to take him out you will really want some teammates to distract him. He has a decent amount of defense, and he has loads of health, if anyone in your group can land a spell bomb, poison, trap, quiver or shield bash on him it would be very helpful, any healers might be needed to. Try to have everyone take separate turns at attacking him, when someone gets low on health, tag in and help out, no sense in everyone getting shoot if you can help it. Try and kill it quickly and use graves as cover.

Round 4,Final Battle (S: 2/8 Speed & Defense)

Be warned every consecutive wave spawns more enemies then the last, so be sure you are prepared for the hoards that are to come. This round consists of 4 waves of angry minions. Here are the minions you will be facing:

  • Classic Ghost
    Classic Ghost
    These are really simple creatures. They have only 1000 health, they do very little damage, but they will more then likely hit you before they die, so go ahead and kill them first.
  • Zombie Hulk
    Zombie Hulk
    If you are a melee class be extremely careful of these guys, they inflict armor break. Other then the fact that they will break your armor, these guys are not that bad.
  • Werewolf
    These guys are big and fast, they also deal 70 damage per hit. They also constantly spawn werewolf cubs to chase you down to, dropping hp potions when they die. I suggest you circle this enemy if you want to avoid getting hit.

Wave Monsters

  • Wave 1 consists of 2 Classic Ghosts, and 2 Zombie Hulks
  • Wave 2 consists of 2 Classic Ghosts, 2-3 Zombie Hulks and 1 Werewolf.
  • Wave 3 consists of 3 Classic Ghosts, 3 Zombie Hulks and 2 Werewolves.
  • Wave 4 consists of 4-5 Classic Ghosts, 4 Zombie Hulks and 2-3 Werewolves.

Round 4 Boss, The Ghost of Skuld (S: 4/8)

Ghost of Skuld

Ah, finally the end, the end is a fight with the arena announcer herself. Once you have finished all the waves Skuld will announce:

“Congratulations. For making it through my arena, your reward shall be….”,
“A swift death!”

As soon as she is done talking she will begin flashing and she will be vulnerable for half a second, but then be invincible for 3 seconds, so don’t use your abilities until after those 3 seconds. We want any abilities you have to hurt her because you do not have very much time before she can kill anyone. Now it is very important of where you are standing when you begin to fight her. If your screen rotation is on 90 degrees, you will need to stand at a 45 degree direction away from him. If your screen rotation is a 45 degree increment just stand directly below her. This is because all of her heavy (250 per hit) shots are only in 90 degree increments, if you aren’t standing there you can be hurt. These heavy shots deal 250 damage, paralyze you, pierce through multiple players, AND are boomerangs, so if you get hit by it once you will get hit again. Now you have absolutely no choice but to end this battle as quickly as you can, use all of your abilities when she is vulnerable, and use all mp potions you have left. Just stand still out of her big shots’ path, very close to her, and spam all your abilities that you can. She will only be vulnerable when she is standing in the middle of the battle field, and she will only stand in the middle of the battle field if you are standing there. Also while you are fighting her, 1 zombie spawns from every grave on the map, every 3 seconds. You could easily shrug of all normal attacks if you are level 20 but if dodging is really important like for low defense and low level players. Just dodge the shots by retreating into the grave. The big shots are the only ones that are really a threat but they only come to left, top, right, left, so always stay at somewhere like southwest to dodge it. If there are other players, hide behind them. Also a tip for knights, the Giant skull minions she spawns from time to time count for her shooting, so if you continue to stun her you will not have to deal with those minions at all. Don’t worry about Skuld that much because she is actually quite easy. It is rare there is a bunch of zombies but just try to avoid the zombies and the sprites. Kind of fight her like she is a test chest but don’t underestimate her. The paralyze don’t really harm you. Overall, most of the shots won’t hurt you badly if you are level 20.
A HINT FOR KNIGHTS: When Skuld first gets vulnerable for half a second, do not waste your stun. Wait until she shoots her first shotgun of paralyzing bullets all around her in a circle, then go for the stun. Your Group will love you especially if you inhale all your Mana-Potions and chainstun her after that. As it will take quite some time for her to go Invulnerable again, this will ease the fight alot and make her a fairly easy kill. Also, when in a group it will likely enable you a quick kill, sparing you of her obnoxious teleporting phase. If you have about 5 members, you could kill her quickly and get a soulbound loot. When she dies, don’t get greedy to the loot. Wait until the big shots have disappeared and then get your loot, or else you’re willing to take in an instant death if the cross shots are still there.

Side Note(s)

  • A quick way to call this out is “CEM”