Henchman of Oryx

Last updated: Exalt Version (Sep 2021)
Henchman of Oryx

The Henchman of Oryx is an enemy found in the Wine Cellar.



Base HP: 3,000 (Enemy Adaptive Scaling Enemy Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 25
EXP: 19
Location: Wine Cellar, Battle for the Nexus

Counts towards Humanoid Kills
Counts towards Lesser God Kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Blue Shuriken 100 Swirl Confused for 1.5s 7 14 Boomerang Shots boomerang
Blue Bolt 80 5.5 22


Slowly walks around, firing 3-round shotguns of blue bolts at the nearest player. It will also fire a less frequent, aimed boomerang that inflicts Swirl Confused.

Spawns in groups of minions at a frequent rate, attempting to maintain a group of 3 minions at all times. However, a single Henchman cannot have more than 3 minions active at once.


Spawns from:
Oryx the Mad God 2 Oryx the Mad God 2

Each Henchman spawns only 3 of the following minions:
Aberrant of OryxAberrant of Oryx
Abomination of OryxAbomination of Oryx
Monstrosity of OryxMonstrosity of Oryx
Vintner of OryxVintner of Oryx
Bile of OryxBile of Oryx

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Tips and Strategies

Be careful of his boomerang, it will make you Swirl Confused and can easily send you towards a bunch of monsters that will kill you within seconds, or to Oryx which can kill you instantly.

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