Heroic Archdemon Malphas

Last updated: X31.6.0
Heroic Archdemon Malphas

Heroic Archdemon Malphas is the boss of the Heroic Abyss of Demons. He is an upgraded version of Archdemon Malphas.


HP: 50,000 (+20% [10,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 40
EXP: 20,000
Location: Heroic Abyss of Demons

Counts toward God Kills
Immune to Paralyze
Immune to Stun
Immune to Stasis
Levitates off ground
Quest Boss

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
White Bullet 80 7.5 22.5 Pierces Armor
Silver Shield 98 Weak for 4s 4.2 25.2 Piercing
White Bullet 225 4 32 Piercing
Silver Shield 165 Weak for 4s 6 36 Piercing
Orange Fairy Breath 150 2.1 16.8 Piercing
Amplitude: 2.1
Frequency: 3.4
Cultist Fire Shot 150 6 18 Piercing
Amplitude: 1
Frequency: 2
Fire Storm 160 5 20 Piercing
Faces Direction


6 Heroic White Demons appear in the room with Heroic Malphas (these are not summons) before the fight begins. It is advised to clear out all of the White Demons before you start the fight with Heroic Malphas.

Heroic Malphas cycles through attack stages in order. During combat, he periodically goes invulnerable and maintains 4 protectors that orbit him rapidly throughout all his stages while shooting at players.

He is invulnerable for the first 8 seconds of the fight.

Battle Phases:

Phase 1:

Malphas is medium in size and flashes white 5 times while standing still (while he does this, he does not attack, so this is the best time to get your damage in). He then will begin to rapidly summons Heroic Malphas Missiles, enemies that chase you down and attempt to explode on top of you. Along with this, he will fire aimed White Bullets at players that inflict Armor-Piercing damage. He will follow players in this phase, but will stop chasing once he moves within about 2 squares of them.

Phase 2:

Malphas shrinks down and becomes more difficult to hit. He moves quickly and erratically while firing 6-directional bursts of Silver Shields that weaken and aimed, armor-piercing White Bullets at the nearest player.

Phase 3:

Malphas grows in size and wanders in place while firing 3-directional bursts of more powerful Silver Shields that also weaken. He also fires extremely damaging White Bullets at the nearest player in 2-round bursts.

Phase 4:

Malphas is medium in size and summons a number of Heroic Malphas Flamers, Heroic Abyss versions of Flamer Kings that will attack with streams of shots. He will spawn 4 from golden bombs thrown around him and much more directly from him. During this phase, he will occasionally attack with aimed armor-piercing shots. The Flamers despawn before his next stage begins. The cycle then repeats.

Unlocks at 65% Health:

Malphas stops all other attacks and begins firing a storm of flaming spirals which swirl around him sporadically. These will orbit him closely for a bit before curving outwards in all directions.

Unlocks at 30% Health:

Malphas fires a three-armed spiral of wavy fireballs that slowly rotates clockwise, along with 3-way bursts of giant white bullets. At the same time, three streams of firestorm bullets will fire towards Malphas from farther away, creating another spiral centered on him. Both spirals rotate in the same direction.



Heroic Malphas Protector Heroic Malphas Protector
Heroic Malphas Missle Heroic Malphas Missile
Heroic Malphas Flamer Heroic Malphas Flamer

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The Demon Blade drops at a much higher rate in the Heroic Abyss of Demons than its unheroic counterpart.

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Tips and Strategies

It is recommended to kill all 6 Heroic White Demons before stepping over the checkered black-and-red path and damaging Malphas. This process is known as “clearing whites”.

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