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Hobbit Archer

Last updated: 15.0.0

All this poor little feller wants is to protect his master who he truly believes is the lord and savior of this world.

The Hobbit Archer is an enemy that is found in the Lowlands plains. It is a minion of the Hobbit Mage.



HP: 22
DEF: 0
EXP: 3
Location: Low Plains

Counts towards Humanoid kills

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Green Arrow
Trigger Range: 10 Cooldown: 1s


State 1: Protects the Hobbit Mage briefly

  • Wander Speed: 4
  • Protects: Hobbit Mage
    • Speed: 11
    • Sight Range: 12
    • Protect Range: 10
    • Reprotect Range: 1
  • Transition to State 2 after 0.4 seconds

State 2: Tries to stay within 4 range of the player

  • Preferred Range: 4
  • Movement Speed: 8
  • Sight Range: 15
  • Wander Speed: 4
  • Transition to State 3 after 0.6 seconds

State 3: Protects the nearest Hobbit Archer briefly

  • Wander Speed: 4
  • Protects: Hobbit Archer
    • Speed: 10
    • Sight Range: 16
    • Protect Range: 2
    • Reprotect Range: 2
  • Transition to State 1 after 0.4 seconds


Spawns From:

Hobbit MageHobbit Mage

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Tips and Strategies

The Hobbit Archer is a weak minion of the Hobbit Mage, who serves primarily to act as ranged harassment. His attack is easy to avoid and does not inflict significant damage if you have armor.

Killing this enemy can be done easily by circling him.

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