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Horned Drake

Last updated: 15.0.0

The Horned Drake is a mid level Quest Monster that is found in the Midlands forest.

It is one of the few Quest Monsters that will show up to level 20 players when a realm is closed.



HP: 1270
DEF: 4
EXP: 228
Location: Mid Forest

Counts towards Beast kills

Level 8 Quest

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Fire Missile


Idle State: Waits for a Player to get in range

  • Min. Height: 85
  • Transition to Get Player State when a Player is detected within 10 tiles

Get Player State: Moves toward the Player

  • Min. Height: 85
  • Chase at: 0
  • Sight Range: 10
  • Speed: 0.8
  • Wander Speed: 0.8
  • Transition to Three Shot State after 0.9s
  • Transition to One Shot State after 2s

One Shot State: Fires one fire bullet

  • Shots: 1
  • No Trigger Range
  • Cooldown: 0.8
  • Transition to Three Shot State after 0.9s

Three Shot State: Fires three fire bullets

  • Shots: 3
  • Angle: 40
  • No Trigger Range
  • Cooldown: 1
  • Transition to One Shot State after 2s

The Horned Drake is followed by a Drake Baby. If there is an orphan Drake Baby nearby, it will follow the Horned Drake as well.

The Horned Drake will never stray too far from its baby. If the baby is injured and tries to flee, the drake will never pursue the player beyond a short distance from the baby.


Drake BabyDrake Baby

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Tips and Strategies

Horned Drakes are fairly easy monsters to dispatch. They can hit hard, but their behavior is exploitable.

When the Horned Drake is attacking, it will always be moving towards the player. Because of this, by simply backing up and strafing you can render the drake easy to shoot and its attacks simple to dodge.

A useful strategy for ranged characters is to injure the drakes baby, causing it to flee. The drake will never stray too far from its baby, and will become a sitting duck for your ranged attacks.

Don’t stand still with 0 DEF near this monster, it can dish out a lot of damage quickly and could easily kill you.

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