Horrific Creation

Last updated: Exalt Version (June 2021)


The Horrific Creation is the second boss of the Mad Lab. The barrier to its chamber is removed once all Tesla Coils in the dungeon have been destroyed.

Dr. Terrible realized all mad scientists had a horrific creation. So why not join the fun? He made it from a couple of fused pets, but his signature ‘green liquid of fun’ has some side effects when it comes to the creation.

He even fed it some nice adventurers to keep it happy and tamed. And, of course, trained it to say “WHO KILL MASTER? RAHHHH!” when someone annoyed it by killing him.

The Realm Eye says:
The Horrific Creation is a creature given life by Dr Terrible. It was created out of pet fusion technology to be an obedient servant of his own likeness.
Many of his attempts would eventually deform and turn into monsters. The Horrific Creation in particular was too powerful and had to be sealed in a hidden room.
The Horrific Creation still appears to care deeply for its creator, in spite of its circumstances.



Base HP: 37,500 (Boss Adaptive Scaling Boss Adaptive HP Scaling)
DEF: 30
EXP: 6,000
Location: Mad Lab

Counts to God Kills
Counts towards Grotesque Kills
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Paralyze

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
H Creation Wave
Red Down Arrow Slowed for 2s
H Creation Energy
H Creation Shockwave
Red Down Arrow Slowed for 3.5s
Creation Blast


Taunt: “Me door is open. Come let me crush you!”
The Horrific Creation is found in a locked room behind Dr. Terrible’s boss room that is only unlocked once all Tesla Coils in the Mad Lab are broken. The room has 2 Blue Pools and 2 Green Pools.

The Horrific Creation will wander the room, alternating between the following attacks:

  • Firing radial bursts of Creation Shockwaves that Slow.
  • Firing shotguns of Creation Waves.
  • Staying still and firing a stream of Creation Blasts that track the nearest player. The boss starts using this attack at around half health.
  • In any stage of the fight, contact with the Creation will inflict Slowed.

Once a player gets within a certain range, it will quickly charge at them and unleash a radial burst of Creation Shockwaves that deal heavy damage and slow. This attack can be deadly to those without maxed defense. After it’s charge, it will become stationary, flash rapidly, and fire omnidirectional waves of massive Creation Energy bullets that deal heavy damage. The number of waves increases as the Horrific Creation loses HP and once he loses enough health he may fire an omnidirectional burst of faster Creation Blasts at the end of the attack.
“You no hurt me.”
“Attacks no hurt me!!!”
“Little people’s attack tickles.”
“Me can do this all day!”

During Stream attack:
“You stay still!”
“You hurt master!”
“What, you scared???”

The boss is completely invulnerable for most of his fight, and he only way to remove it is to trick him into charging into the Green Pools in the room to turn him into a Pet temporarily. The boss cannot be damaged until it is lured into the green pools. It is the only known way to defeat it.

When the Horrific Creation is transformed, it is vulnerable to attack and will quickly run back and forth. After a certain time, it will run back to the Blue Pool to turn itself back and immediately open with a shotgun of Creation Waves.

As he loses HP, the Horrific Creation will charge less and use his normal attacks more, making the battle harder should he survive several transformations.

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Tips and Strategies

Be very careful when first entering the room, as its first attack is to charge towards the nearest player.

Stand in or near the green pools to lure it into the pool where it turns into a random animal and becomes vulnerable.

Slowing the Horrific Creation when he is in the green pool can help you get more damage in before he runs back into the blue pool.

Be extra careful and fast when luring the Horrific Creation into the green pool; when he charges, he can instakill any player with low HP and DEF.

The more damage the Horrific Creation takes, the more he attacks you without charging. He mostly uses the attack where he will charge up like most creatures do and start shooting incredibly large balls or shoots large “ball-like lasers” that deal 200 damage. Note, that if it’s in center of the room while you’re in the corner, its range of 8.5 isn’t enough to reach you.
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