Horrific Sorcerer Set

Horrific Sorcerer
Special Themed Set for: Sorcerer
Themed on: Horrific Creation
Set Additional Bonus: +3 ATT, +15 DEF, +6 SPD
Overall Stat Bonus: Wearing the entire Horrific Set will grant in total:
+40 HP, +100 MP, +16 ATT, +25 DEF, +15 SPD, -8 DEX
Items Drop from:
Abomination’s Wrath: Nightmare Colony
Grotesque Scepter: Horrific Creation
Garment of the Beast: Nightmare Colony
Horrific Claws: Crusher Abomination

The Horrific Sorcerer Set is the eleventh special themed set to be released, launched on Patch X.26.0.0.

This sorcerer set is soulbound, and drops from both the Mad Lab and the Parasite Chambers monsters. Interestingly enough, only one piece of the set drops from the monster it’s themed on.

Wearing the full set transforms the sorcerer player into a 16x16 Horrific Creation sprite and changes the weapon’s shot. The set confers additional stat bonuses when all the items are worn together.

The set brings sublime SPD and DEF boosts which makes it tempting to use for rushing, especially with that ATT increase. However, it’s counterbalanced by a DEX reduction, further plummeted by a low rate of fire of the wand and its lack of ability to pierce. It thus is a highly situational set.