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Ice Cave Guide

WARNING: This guide has not been updated since the dungeon’s overhaul in release X.25. It is possible some of the following information is outdated.

Ice Cave (Suggested Level: 20)

Ice CaveIce CaveIce CaveIce CaveIce Cave

Unlike practically all other dungeons, the Ice Cave is not a race to the boss room, but rather, a dungeon where you must clear out the enemies in order to fight the boss. While this dungeon has a rating of five gravestones, it really isn’t that difficult once you get the hang of it. However, as with most things, you should be very alert in this dungeon. Going AFK is one of the quickest ways to die in this dungeon, as massive drags are very common, and it’s not hard to get caught in the middle of one. In this dungeon, DEF is actually not the most crucial stat to have maxed, as almost all shots are armor piercing. It helps to be maxed in dex, but overall, a character that has good equipment and a couple pots under their belt should do fine in this dungeon.


The Lord of the Lost Lands will drop the Ice Cave at a decent rate.


Staff of EsbenSkullish Remains of EsbenT12 WeaponsT6 AbilitiesT13 Armors Potion of ManaPotion of Dexterity
This dungeon is a great source of high-tier items, such as t12 weapons, t13 armor, and t6 abilities, so it’s very similar to WC tops, except this dungeon’s boss does not drop t5 rings. The lowest ranked drops in this dungeon come in cyan bags. In addition, the loot chest is guaranteed to drop at least 1 mana potion for someone in this dungeon, meaning that if you solo, you are guaranteed a mana. The Ice Cave also provides 2 rare UTs, including a skull that is very powerful.
This dungeon can also drop dexterity, although it isn’t guaranteed, as many people will be dealing damage to the chest and most likely get a cyan bag.

Class Advice


Clearing Enemies

Any of the enemies or minions can be stunned allowing you to keep many of your friends/allies safe from harm. Having plenty of mana, which can be achieved by wearing an MP ring for example, should do your knight good when stunning, but switch to another beneficial ring when the mana runs out, as the ring would render useless unless you wait it out.

At the Boss

The knight can be very useful in the boss room, since the stun gives you the ability to save your friends from the blue tornados, and stunning the graves that paralyze you and spawn the blue tornados. Be careful of the blue shots Esben shoots at you; if you’re hit by one of them, you’ll receive a long quiet effect.

Support Classes (Paladin/Warrior)

Clearing Enemies

Pallys and Warriors are perfect to buff up the DPS of your group, making it easier to shred through groups of enemies. If both classes are present, you can really wreak havoc, especially with a piercing weapon, such as wands, bows and katanas.

At the Boss

These classes are great to help people with clearing the blue tornados and they already have great DPS even without their buff. But like the knight, be aware of the blue shots that Esben shoots if there isn’t another pally/warrior with you and that person is quieted, this can lower your DPS quite a bit.


Clearing Enemies

The mystic is very powerful in this dungeon, but only when used effectively, not for trolling. A mystic with a good orb can easily curse the enemies and if they need to, stasis a large amount of annoying minions like the Mini Yetis. The Curse effect synergizes beautifully with the buffs of the pally/warrior, as it increases the damage that the group deals, meaning an easier time killing monsters.

At the Boss

The mystic can stasis the blue tornados that the graves spawn as well as curse any surrounding enemies to increase the damage dealt.


Clearing Enemies

These classes are suited with amazing weapons, they have some of the best piercing weapons in the game and with their moderately high range, you can cover a lot of ground , but the downfall is their low DPS when using tiered bows. With buffs and a curse, they can actually mow down a huge swarm of enemies with ease. They can also slow/paralyze enemies, making it easier to aim.

At the Boss

On the boss itself, tiered bows deal relatively low damage, so switching to the Doom Bow if you have one is a good idea. Paralyzing the tornados allows you to hit the graves safely.


These classes are most preferable in this dungeon, but any class can do this, so it all comes down to the player’s personal preference.


  • After you destroy all of the blue tornado spawners , DO NOT go sit on Esben because he shoots out 100 damage armor piercing shots and they WILL hurt, if not kill you, trust me.
  • If confused, do the LURDULDR(Left is up, right is down, up is left, down is right).
  • Don’t destroy the walls in the boss room. These walls may save your life.