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Janus the Doorwarden

Last updated: Release 27.7.X6.2
Janus the Doorwarden

Janus the Doorwarden is the secret boss of Oryx’s Castle. The boss is located in the area above the Stone Guardians. The area opens after the players destroy every single Suit of Armor in the castle halls. Upon death, Janus drops a portal to the Court of Oryx, where portals to Lair of Shaitan, Puppet Master’s Encore, Cnidarian Reef, and Secluded Thicket can be found.

The Realm Eye says:
The Court of Oryx was created to allow Oryx’s shadowy cabal to meet more easily, but it needed a guardian to keep unwanted mortals out.
Oryx, in a drunken stupor, pulled the door leading to the court out of the stone walls and breathed sinister life into it, turning it into Janus the Doorwarden.
Oryx sealed Janus itself behind a wall of stone to be safe, although as a god of doorways it can easily pry the wall open should some intruders vandalize the castle.



HP: 100,000 (+20% [20,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 20
EXP: 4,000
Location: Oryx’s Castle

Immune to Paralyze
Immune to Stun
Immune to Stasis
Immune to Dazed

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Purple Boomerang 50 5.5 9.35 Pierces Armor
Purple Boomerang 50 5.5 19.25 Pierces Armor


Janus will be in a room behind the Stone Guardians’ that is normally blocked off. It will only open if all the Suits of Armor (not Haunted Armors) are destroyed. All players in the castle will know when all the Suits of Armor are destroyed by Janus performing a unique taunt:
“You thrash His Lordship’s castle, kill his brothers, and challenge us. Come, come if you dare.

After a short time, he will awaken, signified by another taunt:
You bear witness to Janus, Doorwarden of Oryx. You will soon regret your decisions, your soul sealed away - forever.”

Phase 1
Taunt: “Keys, protect your master.
Janus will Spawn 4 Keys of Light and 4 Keys of Darkness in various positions along the edge of the room that fire radial armor pierce bullets. He will meanwhile be firing armor-piercing boomernangs in a 10 star pattern. He is invulnerable in this phase. Do not stand where the keys spawn as it is an instakill.

After several seconds have passed, he will move to Phase 2.

Phase 2
Janus will pull any keys that are still alive towards him and will stop shooting. The Keys will then fire a random spread of bullets in a radial pattern. He is also invulnerable in this phase. The Keys will heal Janus for 2000 HP each every other time he pulls them towards himself.

After a few seconds, he reverts back to Phase 1.

If at any time during Phases 1 and 2 are all his keys destroyed, he will transition to Phase 3.

Phase 3
Taunt: “Laughable attempt. I will erase you from this world.”
You think that disabling the keys will stop me?”
I shall never open to the likes of you!”
I will protect the Court of Oryx with my life!
Once his keys are destroyed he will become vulnerable and put a flashing hourglass pattern on the ground which will indicate were he will shoot that lasts for a few seconds. He will then fire a massive wave of armor-piercing boomerangs that deals devastating damage to anyone still standing in the hourglass. Note that he will always start shooting to the top and bottom and then to the left and right. After shooting both ways twice he will switch to phase 1 again if he hasn’t taken enough damage.

Note: Do not fight this boss if you are experiencing lag as the sheer number of projectiles in this phase are very likely to kill you.

Phase 4
Sorcery! Brutality! I will not falter!”
I cast you off, fools! Do not come near.”
Once his health is low (aprox 10000 HP), he will change his behavior, shooting with the same pattern as the phase 1 and start moving in a irregular way, while spawning Keys of Light and Keys of Darkness, whose movement is the same as Janus and their shots are the same as the phase 1. In some cases Phase 1 will occur at the same time as Phase 4, causing Janus to spawn the 8 keys while going into this “rage mode”. This makes the fight significantly harder as the key’s shots do a significant amount of damage as well as Janus himself.

Note: Both Janus and the Keys don’t leave the room during Phase 4, but they can move in a very irregular way, meaning instakill if they sit on you, so try to be outside the room if you are experiencing lag or use a melee character.

Taunt: “I…I am dying. I…I have failed…”
He then turns into the entrance to the Court of Oryx. After his death, all Keys will self-terminate shortly.


Key of LightKey of Light

Key of DarknessKey of Darkness

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Tips and Strategies

When areas of the floor begin flashing red, quickly move to the spaces (but not too quickly) where the floor does not flash. The red floor tiles indicate where the boss is about to attack. Do not be too hasty to move out of the red however as if you are not watching you are likely to run into the shots Janus has previously shot that are boomeranging back. Staying within the red areas or being too hasty to leave the red areas could result in a quick death, even for maxed players.

A interesting thing to note is that the Keys of Light and Darkness are different. While their shots are the same, the Key of Darkness has more health (10000 to the other’s 5000), while the Key of Light has more defense (50 compared to the other’s 20). You may want to switch weapons to deal with them accordingly.

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