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Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King

Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King

Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King is the boss of the Deadwater Docks.

The Realm Eye says:
With the death of Davy Jones and the acedia of Dreadstump, a new pirate king clawed his way to the top.
Bilgewater succeeded where others have failed, since his endless supply of beloved parrots were capable of transporting contraband without the knowledge of Oryx.
His signature firearm style of wielding several unnecessarily large cannons at once is highly unorthodox, but pirates largely regard it as innovative and effective.



HP: 70,000 (+20% [14,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 30
Exp: 5,000
Location: Deadwater Docks (Bilgewater’s Grotto)

Immune to Stasis
Counts towards God Kills
Level 1 Quest

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Golden Coin
Swirl Confused for 1.5s
Black Ball


Jon has 4 Phases. He stays inactive until he takes damage. He has small invulnerability times between phases.

Phase 1:

Taunts: “With Dreadstump gone, I’m the new king!”
“Dreadstump was a dreadCHUMP! And so are you!”
“Hahaha! Ye can’t kill me.”

Swarms of birds begin circling the cages around the arena, firing short-ranged slowing shots at nearby players and frequently healing the boss for large amounts of health. Bilgewater himself will begin chasing players, rapidly firing Confusing coins from his pistol, along with an occasional cannonball that does huge damage. He is invulnerable for the first few seconds of the phase. Additionally, during this phase Jon can be stunned, this is the only phase where this is possible.

Phase 2

Taunts: “Dodge this!”

Jon chases players while firing wide shotguns of cannonballs that inflict extreme damage.

Phase 3

Taunt: “Now you’re making me angry! PARROT BARRIER ACTIVATE!”
Bilgewater retreats to the center of the room. The birds around him will begin tightly circling him while healing him at a rapid pace and shooting at players. Note that the birdcages will not spawn any more birds during this phase.

The boss himself does not attack during this phase, but is Invulnerable until all his birds are destroyed. Once the birds are dead, he changes to Phase 3.

If the boss is healed to full health, determined when he sends out another taunt during this phase, and the birds are still not killed within the next few seconds, he will return back to phase 1 and you will have to damage him back to about half health again.

Phase 4

The cages begin spawning more birds, and the Evil Water in the edges of the arena will rapidly flood the edges of the platform to restrict player mobility. Bilgewater will be alternating between two distinct attack patterns during this phase.

Cannon Barrage

Bilgewater will then say “CANNON BARRAGE!” before firing several rings of extremely dangerous cannonballs. After firing several waves he will enter his Parrot Barrier stage. He is Stun Immune whenever he uses this attack.

Parrot Barrier

The boss will say “PARROT BARRIER ACTIVATE!” He will go invulnerable and the birds will begin circling him again. Like before, the birds will heal him at a rapid pace and the cages will not spawn any more birds during this attack. A single, massive bird will be chasing down players: killing this bird will disband the birds and make Bilgewater vulnerable again. Once that giant bird is killed, he will use his Cannon Barrage.

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Tips and Strategies


  • The cannonballs are extremely dangerous; do not try to tank them.
  • Beware of the confuse bullets during Phase 1, since they can lead you into his cannonballs or lead to a run-in the Evil Water, taking heavy damage and in a very bad spot.
  • It is possible to take minimal to no damage during the last phase of the fight by remaining still in certain positions of the arena (such as slightly to the left or right of the entry portal) while continuing to attack: If you re-center/reset your camera angle to default 0 Degrees and go back to where you initially spawned in (starting point), there will be a bird cage directly in-front of you. If you stand right on the bird-cage and take about one tile step to your right, you will be in a spot where cannonballs will not be able to hit you. Next take about one tile step up and note your general area. Do not move side-to-side. Then, when Evil Water holes appear in last phase, make sure you aren’t accidentally taking damage during the whole visual chaos of Parrots, Cannonballs, and projectiles. If you did it right, you should be in a location where neither Cannonballs or Evil Water can touch you (in fact, you should be exactly in front of a small pot-hole of water, still right of the bird-cage) and able to quickly move in for Melee range to attack, then back-off when appropriate just using Up-Down keys.

Class Specific

  • Ranged healing classes like the priest and necromancer are also good choices to consider as they can shoot the boss from afar and heal when needed.
  • Huntresses are also useful here because their traps can AoE paralyze (or slow) pretty much all the parrots during circling, paralyze the boss, and of course, pierce.
  • Archers and Huntresses wielding a Doom Bow can solo the boss due to its high damage output and its piercing effect, outweighing the heals that the birds provide.
  • Warriors with max stats can solo the boss on Phase 3 as long as they are cautious of his cannonballs.
  • Piercing weapons (all bows, all katanas, all tiered wands and bone dagger) are helpful because the parrot mobs have the potential to block a lot of shots.
  • Classes without piercing weapons may need to approach Bilgewater closely to deal damage (e.g., between first and second shotguns during Phase 3).
  • During the last phase, Knights should equip Ogmur or be cautious of stun timing. Because Bilgewater is stun immune while the large parrot is dead and parrots are dispersed, but not stun immune (but invulnerable) when the large parrot is alive and parrots are swarming, it is possible for Bilgewater to shoot “stacked delayed shotguns” that do not have a safe area to dodge if Bilgewater is stunned during the large parrot sub-phase and immediately switches to the cannonball sub-phase.

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