Kage Kami

Last updated: Exalt Version (Feb 2022)
Kage Kami

Kage Kami (Pronounced Kah-Gay-Kah-Mee and is Japanese for “Shadow God”) is a setpiece enemy found in the Dead Forest, which will drop a portal to the Manor of the Immortals.



HP: 3,000
DEF: 63
EXP: 273
Location: Highlands
Setpiece: Dead Forest

Does not show up on mini map
Counts toward Undead Kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
Specter Spinner 50 Skull Sick for 4s
Swirl Confused for 1s
5.5 11
Specter Shot 75 Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed for 0.4s 3.5 9.1


He is found in a graveyard, which usually spawn on the very border of godlands. The area is covered with grey stones. Kage Kami will only spawn in the graves with the red markings on it. You must both search for these areas and for his gravestone. Stalk the shadows before they stalk you.

He first stands in place while shooting bullets that inflict Paralyzed Icon Paralyzed while laying traps on the ground that activate when you get near. After a certain amount of damage or time, he turns invincible and chases after you while shooting purple stars which inflict Swirl Confused. Then the cycle repeats.


  • “Kyoufu no kage!” (Meaning “Shadow of fear!” in Japanese)
  • “You brought this upon yourself!”
  • “Fear me!!”
  • “Fear the shadows!”
  • “You shall pay!!!”
  • “You shall pay for sullying this hallowed earth!”
  • “Who dares to desecrate this sacred ground?”
  • “You dare to desecrate this sacred ground?”



Specter MineSpecter Mine

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Tips and Strategies

When hit Kage Kami makes a different sound than the nearby graves, don’t waste time breaking graves while you’re searching.

When you toggle the enemy health bar, all grave stones will have an hp bar except the one that spawns the Kage Kami; a way to quickly locate one.

Alone it’s usually easier to strafe the mine’s shots. They’re slow enough that you won’t get hit if you’re expecting them. If you trip the mines they won’t eat your shots.

Kage Kami respawn after 6 minutes if no players are nearby.

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