Lair of Shaitan Guide

Last updated: Release 27.1.0
Lair of Shaitan


Suggested Level: 20 and 6/8

One of the four Court of Oryx dungeons, the Lair of Shaitan is a high-level dungeon consisting of a boss fight against Shaitan the Advisor. The dungeon was recently reworked and the difficulty and rewards were both increased compared to the original. However, players still generally do not consider the dungeon rewarding enough to justify its difficulty; therefore, the dungeon remains highly unpopular except when an Event Chest is active. In those cases, players will typically “chain” the dungeon by opening keys for a large group of players in the Nexus or in the cloth bazaar through Discord servers.

The boss and his minions hit hard and defense will not help here. It is highly suggested to have a 6/8 character and have good dodging skills in tight spaces.

Class tips


The priest can be extremely helpful in here. The tight battling area and armour-piercing bullets will hurt everyone badly, but the priest is able to heal everyone and protect them from a fiery death. A Tome of Purification can also be extremely useful in small groups preventing players from being overwhelmed by being paralyzed.


With the Archer’s paralysing quivers and the Huntress’s coral trap, they can paralyse the creepy small heads to allow the group to back off far away from them.

Why & How to find the Lair of Shaitan


Skull of Endless TormentWakizashi of Crossing Fires

The Woodland Labyrinth used to be the dungeon in the game with the worst risk vs reward scenario. However, ever since Woodland Labyrinth got its drops buffed, that title goes to the Lair of Shaitan. The rewards of attack and defense aren’t guaranteed, and as amazing as the skull looks, compared to its ST counterpart, the Memento Mori, its damage pales and it has a small radius. Due to tarot cards being useless as of now, it’s not worth going to for the tarot either. You’re better off doing an encore, as it drops more and better loot, as well as actually guaranteed pots and a chance at mana.


Janus the Doorwarden

The Lair of Shaitan can be accessed via the Court of Oryx, which can be accessed after defeating Janus the Doorwarden, the secret boss of Oryx’s Castle (which can be accessed after destroying all Armor Suits in the map which can be found in all hallways before the courtyard). Janus is an easy fight with a ranged but takes time if you are soloing (which is unlikely due to a high boost of Janus’s drops making him highly sought after). Janus drops the Court of Oryx when killed. Once inside, the “friendly” NPC Craig will open a portal to each mini dungeon, including the Lair of Shaitan.

Navigating through the dungeon


Since this is a boss dungeon, it has only one room. Most of the room is covered with highly damaging magma. The initial arena will gradually sink into the magma as the fight progresses.


Left hand of Shaitan/Right hand of Shaitan


Creepy small hands


Creepy small heads


The Boss

Shaitan the Advisor

Right Hand of ShaitanShaitan the AdvisorLeft Hand of Shaitan