Leprechaun Statue

Last Updated: Patch X.16.2
Leprechaun Statue

The Leprechaun Statue is the Month of the Mad God counterpart of the Leprechaun. He was spawning during the Month of the Mad God 2017.



HP: 150000
DEF: 50
EXP: 0

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Does not attack.


The Leprechaun Statue moves around similar to the Leprechaun, but can be caught fairly easily. It does not move extremely fast and is easy to catch even without a warrior, ninja, or slowing item, but is recommended to use. Once its health is lowered it will flash blue and its stone body will be destroyed. Then it will become its fast leprechaun form and jump very far across the realm. It will change locations about 2 times when players are halfway near the leprechaun


Leprechaun Leprechaun

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Tips and Strategies

Only spawns once per realm as a quest, making it essential to be in a fresh realm to find one. When the Leprechaun Statue is still alive you can see two different quests as red dots on the minimap (but only the closest quest icon). If the closest quest to you is a different monster, that means the second red dot is the Leprechaun Statue.

The Leprechaun Statue is not fast at all compared to the Leprechaun himself. The Leprechaun Statue can be killed fairly easily in a big group in a fresh realm. He still may be too fast for small groups, but does not skip through the whole map like the real Leprechaun does. When you kill the Leprechaun Statue, the real Leprechaun will spawn, which drops the Pot of Gold or Rainbow Road that gives the loot.