Some in-game data RealmEye based its statistics on are not available.
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Limon the Sprite Goddess

Last updated: X.33.0.0

Limon the Sprite Goddess is the boss of the Sprite World. Limon moves quickly unlike most other sprite gods or dungeon bosses.

The Realm Eye says:
Limon is the mother of all sprites. Her sovereign control of the environment demands respect, even from her adversaries.
Even Oryx begrudgingly complies with Limon’s requests to not excessively harm nature, for he knows that her full power being unleashed would be cataclysmic.



HP: 6,750 (+10.8% [729] to 111.6% [7,533] per player in Dungeon)
HP at 65 players: 271,134
DEF: 16
EXP: 1,000
Location: Sprite World

Counts toward God Kills
Levitates off ground
Immune to Stasis
Level 1 Quest

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Red Fire
Pierces Players


Battle Phases:

1) Dashes to the nearest player and circles them. Constantly makes sudden movements towards the closest player. During this phase, she fires her bullets in a constant 4-bullet barrage, 2 are shot towards the player in a V-shape. The other 2 bullets are shot perpendicular to the player. Limon is vulnerable twice, once at the very start and again at around the midpoint of the phase.

Alt. 1) If the player is out of detection range, or if Limon is paralyzed, Limon will utilize the Staff of Extreme Prejudice. Limon will fire 7 shotguns in a circle. You can move on after the 7th one, but beware of the Limon Elements!

2) Limon summons 8 turrets, four forming a small square and the other four forming a larger square. These turrets fire to create the square and eventually fire to form an X-shape. Limon stands in the middle, with a constant stream of fire at the closest player. Her range of aggression is anyone inside or near the small box. Her dexterity fluctuates, and during the time she fires rapidly is when she is vulnerable.

3) After the X-shape ends and as the turrets are firing their last shots before disappearing, Limon summons multiple Ice Sprites and Magic Sprites, while triple-shooting at a low dexterity. She is vulnerable during this entire phase and the phase gets shorter as Limon has less health. She also is armored.


Native Ice Sprite Native Ice Sprite
Native Magic Sprite Native Magic Sprite
Limon Element Limon Element

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Tips and Strategies

This dungeon can be easily soloed, even by a low level player. When you get to the boss platform, off-center your screen. After this, run into range of Limon to activate her then run out of range again. Tilt your screen so you can see Limon or her bullets. Limon will fire 7 circular barrages of bullets when you are out of range. After the 7th shot she will shoot out her turret boxes, this is the time to rush in. If you are a long ranged character such as a Wizard, Necro, Priest, Mystic or Sorcerer, you can stand in between the turrets without being hit. If you are a closer ranged class you can go inside the turrets but you will have to dodge Limon’s shots. Repeat this process as necessary, as if you are low level it might take a couple rounds to kill Limon. If you do get a drop make sure you wait for the white shots from the turrets to stop shooting, you can get pulled in by the floor and die almost instantly if you have a low def.

Beware of Limon being paralyzed, as she will throw out a shotgun (same as when out of range) that does heavy damage on some phases. This is especially deadly if you happen to be near her when she gets paralyzed (such as if an electric pet happens to catch her), as you may end up tanking most or all of the shots.

Note: Limon, when paralyzed or when you move out of range, seems to utilize the same shot pattern as the Staff of Extreme Prejudice. This may explain how the staff can be found here.


The Staff of Iceblast (reskin of Staff of Extreme Prejudice) previously dropped from Limon, in winter 2016-17 only.

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