Loot Potions

These items affect the loot that will be dropped by enemies.

They were previously available for purchase in the Nexus shop, though are currently only available as part of certain packages as they become available for purchase. Loot Tier Potion and Loot Drop Potion can be obtained at the second level of daily quests.

All of these items are soulbound. Items affected by these will drop in the red Boosted Loot Bag. It will take priority over all other bags, from Regular Loot Bags to Untiered Loot Bags, as long as the effects of the Loot Potions boost the contents that would have been within the normal dropped bag.
The effect doesn’t stack, though time does add up and you can, for example, drink two Loot Drop Potions in a row to get 1 hour of increased drop rate. The timer runs when you play with the character, independently whether you are in the realm or at the nexus. If you change character, pause, or exit the game, the timer would stop and effect would be kept until you undo any of these actions.

Boosted Loot BagBoosted Loot Bag

Loot Tier Potion

A potion that boosts the tier level of dropped loot. Up to +3 tiers! Lasts 30 minutes.
Effect on self:
Chance of loot being raised +1, +2, or +3 tiers for 30 minutes
Feed Power: 150
Store Cost: 100 - 150
Note: There is only a chance to upgrade the dropped loot by either +1 tier, +2 tiers, or +3 tiers, at a decreasing rate per amount of tiers raised. It does not guarantee that the loot will have its tier increased every time, and does not affect untiered items or other specialized loot, such as Holy Water.

Loot Drop Potion

A potion that causes enemies to drop more loot at a rate of 1.5x normal! Lasts 30 minutes.
Effect on self:
Higher chance of loot dropping for 30 minutes
Feed Power: 150
Store Cost: 100 - 150
Note: Enemies will have a better chance of dropping an item for the player. Each item that a person can earn as a drop has a chance to be affected, and untiered items can be affected as well.

Lucky Clover

A lucky shamrock that will make enemies drop more and better loot! Lasts 20 minutes.
Effect on self:
Higher drop rate and chance of increasing loot’s tier for 20 minutes
Feed Power: 100
Store Cost: 100
Note: The Lucky Clover was only available during St. Patrick’s Day 2013, and is therefore no longer available for purchase in the shop.
Note: This item was made available again in the March 2017 daily login calendar.