Lord of the Lost Lands

Last updated: Exalt Version (May 2021)
The Realm Eye says:
Most of the civilizations formed during the realm’s great ice age gradually evolved into more modernized kingdoms as the land became warm once again.
Those who refused to abandon the tribal ways of the frozen wilderness failed to keep up when the ice age came to an end.
Few remain from these societies. Those who do have been left to roam an unwelcoming world, and their former home is known only as the lost lands.

The Lord of the Lost Land is an event boss that can spawn multiple times per realm. It drops the Ice Cave at a guaranteed rate, and the UT Shield of Ogmur at a very rare rate.



HP: 60,000 (+10% [6000 HP] per player in Realm)
DEF: 30
EXP: 35,000

Level 20 Quest
Immune to Stasis
Counts toward Humanoid Kills
Counts toward Encounter Kills
Counts toward God Kills

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Aesthetics Damage Condition effects Speed (tiles/sec) Range (tiles) Comments
White Beam 95 8.3 16.6
Vortex 250 Blood Drop Bleeding for 5s 3.5 17.5 Passes cover Shots pass through obstacles


The Lord of the Lost Lands cycles through the following phases in order.

Combat Phase

The Lord of the Lost Lands spawns in several Guardians of the Lost Lands, which in turn spawn groups of Knights of the Lost Lands. He will also be firing wide spreads of pink beams both in the direction of the nearest player and the opposite direction. After a certain time has passed he will enter his Charging Phase

Charging Phase

The Lord will taunt “GATHERING POWER!” and begin charging his attack. He is very vulnerable in this phase, but after a few seconds he will fire several radial waves of giant red vortexes that inflict massive damage and bleeding. After firing several waves, he generally enters his Protection Phase.

Protection Phase

The Boss will spawn in about 8 Protection Crystals that will orbit him and fire rapid spreads of high-damage shots. He will not fire or summon during this phase, but is invincible until the crystals have been destroyed. Upon their destruction, he will transition into his Combat Phase again.


The Lord will yell “NOOOOO!” in the chat before exploding into a ring of the same giant vortexes from his Charging Phase, which have been known to kill unwary players. Note that any Guardians, Knights, or even Crystals that are still active will not die when he does.


Spawns :
Protection CrystalProtection Crystal
Guardian of the Lost LandsGuardian of the Lost Lands

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Tips and Strategies

General Tips
- If the Lord of the Lost Lands spawns in a heavily forested area, it’s advised to take advantage of cover. This is very useful against crystals.

  • His minions drop HP and MP potions so it’s worth killing them.

Wand and Staff Tips

  • Remember, Wands and Staffs have more range so they can snipe away at the Protection Crystals on the edge of their screen. Use the Off-centered view when doing this.

Knight Tips

  • Max Speed First
  • Stand about 2 squares away from the Lord when he is in his protection phase. Make sure there are no crystals near you.
  • The second he awakens, stun him.
  • Damage him for 2 seconds and then escape.
  • Try to get in occasional hits, then repeat.
  • If you stun before the last crystal is broken, then he emerges from the protection phase he will not spawn mobs, making fighting easier for everyone.

Tips for Bow, Dagger, and Sword users

  • Before attempting the Protection Crystals, Make sure your speed is at least 50. When the crystals spawn, circle around the crystals and hit them repeatedly. Make sure there are no other players that will mess up your pattern.

  • Play safe. Sword users are best when the Lord shoots pink shotguns. Bow and dagger users work best on the “GATHERING POWER!” phase, since they can hit the Lord at a safe distance without frequently strafing.

  • Bow and Bone Dagger users may attack the Lord’s minions to earn some HP and MP pots, also making the Lord easier to damage. Sword users easily damage the minions too, but may take longer due to the lack of piercing weapons.

  • When the Lord goes into dying phase (he says “NOOOOOO!” on this phase), do not stand right next to him awaiting the loot. Stay a safe distance so that you will not get killed by his final shotgun. This applies for all the other classes, too.

Sometimes people say “landlord”, lotll (Lord of the Lost Lands), or “lord of the lost loot”, when they refer to the Lord of the Lost Lands. The latter term is used because quite often people will rush in to get their loot and die by the minions and crystals that still circle the death spot.

  • It is renamed as “Lord of the Lol 0” with Oryx occasionally calling it “Lord of the Lost Loot” during April Fools’ Day, most likely as a nod to that.

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  • Released in January 10 of 2012.

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