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Magic Woods Guide

Magic Woods (Suggested Level: 20)

Magic WoodsMagic WoodsMagic WoodsMagic WoodsMagic Woods

How & Why to find a Magic Woods


Magic Woods are dropped by Ent Ancients and Ent Gods. Their drop frequency is similar to that of the Toxic Sewers so they are somewhat uncommon. For lower-level players, Ent Ancients provide a much safer access point to this dungeon than going up against Ent Gods.


Fairy Dust Potion of SpeedPotion of Dexterity Spirit Staff Enchantment Orb Woodland Robe Fairy Ring
Magic Woods are an alternative source for Speed and Dexterity, which drops at a common rate from the boss. It also provides the Fairy Dust consumable and an average Mystic Set which may be of use to lower-level players. They can also provide some low-to-mid tier equipment. There are chances to get Pet skin.