Last updated: Release X15.1.0



Magma is found only in The Shatters and the Lair of Shaitan. In The Shatters, it is only encountered after the second boss, but also appears when battling the Forgotten King. In the Lair of Shaitan, the boss spawns in an area filled with magma and remains in the magma until defeated. Small amounts of magma are thrown towards the ground collecting on the floor for players to run over and sustain damage from.

  • A player stands by Magma in The Shatters.

  • A lonely gravestone of a defeated 6/8 player stands before Shaitan the Advisor, which is attacking from the Magma in The Lair of Shaitan.
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    Magma does more damage than normal lava, 75 armor piercing damage (while lava does only 45) and also slows down movement speed by roughly 22.3%, which can easily do a lot of damage to any character if it is walked in.