Mammoth Megamoth



HP: 45,000 (+20% [9,000 HP] per player in Dungeon)
DEF: 15
EXP: 19
Location: Woodland Labyrinth

Quest Boss

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Condition effects
Speed (tiles/sec)
Range (tiles)
Moth Dust
Quiet for 3s


The Megamoth will chase players, but will also try to keep a certain distance away from them. Fires nonstop shotguns of quiet bullets. It is also surrounded by a squad of Micro Megamoth Sentinels that fire confusing shots.


Micro Megamoth SentinelMicro Megamoth Sentinel
Spawns Upon Death:
Murderous MegamothMurderous Megamoth

Spawns From:
Megamoth LarvaMegamoth Larva

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Tips and Strategies

The Mammoth Megamoth has a particularly dangerous form of attack, releasing a seemingly endless wave of moth dust that deals heavy damage and quiets you. This phase is easily the most dangerous for any class that is mana reliant, but is also hazardous for melees in particular.

Ranged characters will be most effective at beating this phase, but everyone must be wary to not let themselves be confused by the Micro Megamoth Sentinels. Confusion can result in you running right into the Mammoth Megamoth and meeting a nasty death.

  • Ranged classes should take advantage of their range to safely attack the boss, while melees and others should try to find openings in the bosses attack patterns to get close and strike.

  • Confusion is deadly in this phase of the fight, avoid the projectiles launched by the Micro Megamoth Sentinels at all costs, lest you run into the boss and perish. A good way to avoid this is to treat the Mammoth Megamoth like Oryx 2, and circle him clockwise so that when you get confused you run AWAY from it instead of towards it.

  • If the Megamoth Larva has sufficiently laced the arena with Larva Puke, this phase becomes significantly more difficult as getting confused can cause you to run through the armor piercing environmental hazard.

  • Try to ensure all Micro Megamoth Sentinels are dead before you push the Mammoth Megamoth into the final phase, leaving even one behind to fire confusion shots significantly raises the risk of dying in the last phase.

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